.33 GPM- $1999.00

.50 GPM- $2099.00

1.0 GPM- $2199.00

1.5 GPM- $2299.00

2.1 GPM- $2599.00


Our Big Fogg direct drive pumps are designed to operate at 1000 PSI. The 110V pumps have a standard plug for your standerd outlet and garden hose adapter to fit your outdoor spigot for the water supply. We use a 3/8″ compression fitting on the outlet of the pump to attach to high pressure nylon tubing. 220V pumps available in drop down.

Our open direct drive pump is our most popular unit. This pump is designed on an open base that needs to be set on a level surface because it is filled with oil. All components are sealed and water proof. Our pumps are assembled with a normally closed solenoid valve to stop the water flowing through the unit when pump is turned off. Our 5 and 10 micron sediment filters also come standard on this pump.

Please contact us if you would like help finding the pump that best fits your needs.

Our pump units require maintenance about every 500 hrs or once a year for most systems.

Oil change and filter replacment. See part numbers below.


Features of this pump system:

Weight and Dimensions: 65lbs; 24″L 15″W 13″H

TEFC Electric Motor (Item #: 31041)

Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge (Item #: 57251)

Adjustable Regulator, Solenoid (Item #: 30375)

One 10″ Filter Element 1 Micron (Item # 57006) and one 10″ Filter Element 5 Micron (Item # 57011)

Replacement CAT Pump Oil (Item # 57025)

EcoSmart filters & low pressure switch now standard

The EcoSmart filter effectively inhibits the formation of calcium-carbonate scale to keep your nozzles cleaner longer.


Benefits of LP Switch

The low pressure switch protects your 1000 psi pump from damage if the water supply is accidentally turned off. The switch prevents the pump from turning on which saves the pump from over-heating and damaging the internal seals.

Features: TEFC Electric Motor, 5 Micron Filter, Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge, Drain Valve, Adjustable Regulator, Solenoid triplex plunger design provides a smooth liquid

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.33 GPM, .50 GPM, 1.0 GPM, 1.5 GPM, 2.1 GPM, 2.9 GPM