Big Fogg 30” Work Zone Misting Fan is an industrial grade high-pressure misting fan build for tough and adverse operating environments. This industrial misting fan comes with an attached industrial grade high-pressure pump that operates at 1000 psi. The 30” Big Fogg Work Zone  provides cooling without wetness in even the most difficult circumstances.

This Industrial Misting Fan is usually used in conjuncture with Satellite 30” Work Zone Misting Fans.  Big Fogg provides high-pressure lead line with quick connects to attach this satellite Work Zone Misting Fan with high-pressure pump.
However, you can use this industrial misting fan independently.

The Big Fogg “Work Zone’ Misting Fan is extremely durable and built to perform and last in even the toughest conditions. These Work Zone Industrial Misting Fans are being used to provide people cooling and process cooling in chemical plants, steel manufacturers, forging mills, food processing plants, automotive plants, paper mills and oil & gas facilities. This misting fan is portable, easy-to-use and assemble and extremely at providing cooling even in the most arduous environments. Please call today at 951-587-2460 to discuss with our cooling expert how the 30” High-Pressure Work Zone Misting Fan can solve your heating issues at your facility or warehouse.


Product Specifications:

Inner nozzle ring(s), on the fans, have cut-off valves, so that you may use less nozzles at any given time. Each ring contains 4 nozzles. Nozzles are stainless steel with anti-drip mechanisms, which close after pressure drops too much, so that low-pressure water can not shoot out uncontrollably (such as when shutting down a system). Anti-drip mechanisms also help to prevent nozzles from sucking dust into the system, when water is drained out of the pump

1-speed fan cools 12,000 cubic feet of air per minute. 8 nozzles.—dual stainless steel misting ring

Satellite Work Zone Misting Fans extend the effective cooling area by increasing volume without the cost and energy use.

Inner nozzle ring(s), on the fans, have cut-off valves, so that you may use less nozzles at any given time

Fan Diameters: 24” & 30”/12000  CFM
Stainless Steel 316 Misting Ring with 8 nozzles with .008 orifices
½ HP. 0.5 GPM high pressure pump module
Maximum water usage – 12 Gallons Per Hour
60 HZ Standard
Two Stage Stainless Steel Misting Rings
Dual Inter Water Filtration System (5 & 10 microns)
Low pressure cutoff switch (to protect pump from running dry)
½ HP TEFC Motors
1 year limited warranty

Maintenance requirements:

  1. Change oil on pump every 500 hours, using 15/50 synthetic oil.
  2. Inspect inlet water filters routinely. Change when necessary.