Product Specifications:

Fan Diameters: 24” & 30”/12000  CFM
Stainless Steel 316 Misting Ring with 8 nozzles with .008 orifices
½ HP. 0.5 GPM high pressure pump module
Maximum water usage – 12 Gallons Per Hour
60 HZ Standard
Two Stage Stainless Steel Misting Rings
Dual Inter Water Filtration System (5 & 10 microns)
Low pressure cutoff switch (to protect pump from running dry)
½ HP TEFC Motors
1 year limited warranty
1-speed fan cools 12,000 cubic feet of air per minute. 8 nozzles.
Satellites extend the effective cooling area by increasing volume without the cost and energy use of additional Pump Fan Units.
Inner nozzle ring(s), on the fans, have cut-off valves, so that you may use less nozzles at any given time

Maintenance requirements:

  1. Change oil on pump every 500 hours, using 15/50 synthetic oil.
  2. Inspect inlet water filters routinely. Change when necessary.