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Misting Systems

Big Fogg continues to supply misting systems, misting fans, and solutions to industries that are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We proudly support all first responders, medical and public health professionals, food distributors, and anyone else impacted by this crisis. Please review our new section on our web page – “Disinfectant Misting System”.

Since 1993, Big Fogg™ has consistently provided excellent misting systems, outdoor cooling, inflatable misters, heating systems, and service to many high-profile clients such as the NFL, NCAA Football, and many other sports teams in various venues. If there are misting fans on the sideline of a football game or at other sporting events, they are probably Big Fogg misting fans.

These include Super Bowls from 2001-2020, Pro Bowls from 2001-2019, AFC & 2020 NFC Championship games, NHL Winter Classic, World Cup Brazil 2014, Special Olympics in Los Angeles, NCAA Championship football series, PGA Championships, US Tennis Open, and X-Games.

Big Fogg is active in designing, building and installing multiple commercials, industrial and residential projects misting systems and misting fan systems. Our company has installed its high-pressure misting systems, ventilation, patio misting systems, and heating system in hundreds of locations across the country including restaurants, resorts, wineries, and residential homes at America ferrera.

We install high pressure misting systems that keep humidification at specific designations, so the product is not damaged. Additionally, we have designed and installed dust and odor control misting systems throughout the country using the high-pressure misting technology.

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Misting Systems and Misting Fan Services

Misting Fans

Big Fogg is the leading supplier and manufacturer of Misting Fans. Applications for Misting Fans include outdoor cooling fans, backyard, and patio misting fans, restaurant, and resort misting, special events misting and sports misting.

Misting Systems

We offer multiple types of misting systems depending on each customer's individual needs and preferences. No matter how big or small the project, we offer solutions using high pressure, mid pressure, or low pressure misting systems based on what's best for you.

Tents & Inflatables

We are the only company that designs, builds, rents & tests out a variety of Misting Tents including High-Pressure and Mid-Pressure (Premium) Misting Tents. We also provide high pressure and mid pressure inflatable misters and misting dome.

RENTALS - Residential

Big Fogg carries a wide selection of patio misting systems, portable misting fans, outdoor cooling fans, tents, and many other party rentals for any sized gathering. Call us today to discuss how we can help you beat the heat and enjoy the festivities.

Restaurant Misting Systems

Big Fogg Misting Systems offers a large variety of different configurations and styles of Misting Systems for any application. We install high-pressure misting systems in restaurants and resort keeping customers cool as ever.

Festivals, Concerts & Event Misting

Big Fogg provides cooling options for the nation's largest festivals, concerts, and events. From custom setups built to match your client's needs to misting tent, misting fan, and inflatable mister rentals to help cool the crowd.


Big Fogg Misting System's engineers and technicians have extensive experience in solving industrial misting problems. We design and sell high quality misting systems for various industries.


Big Fogg installs and sells high-pressure Misting Systems and Misting fans including patio misting system, outdoor cooling fans in resorts, outdoor restaurants, entertainment venues.


Big Fogg Misting Fans have built its reputation on providing its unique and effective Misting at almost every major sporting event over the past 20+ years. We also provide outdoor cooling fans, misting tents and heating benches for the National Football League and all major NCAA games.

Portable Misting Fans

Big Fogg is known as an industry innovator for misting fans. From patio misters to portable misting fans, we can build anything a residential client can imagine.

RENTALS - Corporate

Big Fogg carries a full line of Outdoor Cooling products including Misting Fans, Misting Systems, Misting Tents, Inflatable Misters, Dust Control Misting Systems, and Disinfectant Misting Systems.

Heating Systems

Big Fogg sells, design, installs and rents professional heating systems at many types of businesses including restaurants, clubs, lounges, wineries, vineyards, resorts, pools, bars, sporting/concert/festival events, and more

Residential Misting Systems

Big Fogg’s High-Pressure Stainless-Steel Restaurant, Bar, Patio Misting System makes outdoor dining areas more comfortable. We offer portable misting systems and inflatable misters to keep the heat at bay.

Reverse Osmosis System

Big Fogg sells and installs reverse osmosis systems for high pressure misting systems.

Industrial Filtration Systems

Big Fogg provides high-quality premium efficient and innovative custom-built air filtration systems.

industrial cooling fans

BIG FOGG offers a wide selection of industrial fans, velocity fans, exhaust fans, stainless steel fans and industrial blowers. We can find a solution for all your commercial and industrial cooling problems.


Are you looking for overhead misting fan that cools you down without getting you wet??? Big Fogg carries a complete collection of Centramist Overhead Misting Fan that provides the solution to your outdoor heating issues.

Dust Control Misting

Big Fogg sells and installs Dust Suppression Misting Systems are valuable every type of facility from material large transfer facilities to material processors.

Professionals, locals, national and international businesses and organizations are proud to have Big Fogg Misting System products and services at their events. Here are just a few words from satisfied clients.
On behalf of Commisioner Roger Goodell, as well as myself, I want to personally thank you for your hard work and dedication in making the 2009 Pro Bowl such a suceess. I have enclosed a 2009 Pro Bowl paperweight as a memento. "As far as I m concerned, by your dedication and work ethic we did not have one problem the entire Pro Bowl week, including game day your work surprised not only several new executives but the Commissioner himself mentioned to me how well everything was organized and running. This is attributed to you and I told the Commissioner. Again, thanks for a great job as always and your check for your services is forthcoming. Hope to talk to you soon. Chris, here are the (4) paperwights for you and your crew from the Pro Bowl. As always--GREAT JOB!!!

Late Tim Davey

Vice President of Game Operations

National Football League

The San Diego Chargers and myself have a great working relationship with Big Fogg and especially Chris Miehl. Chris is a true professional who delivers a great misting system. He keeps our team as cool and comfortable on the sidelines as possible in sunny San Diego. The setup and delivery of product goes very smooth. I highly recommend Chris and Big Fogg Misting Systems for any cooling needs.

Bob Wick

Equipment Manager San Diego Chargers

Big Fogg Misting Fan’s provided essential sideline outdoor cooling that enhanced our player’s performance during Super Bowl XL in Detroit and Super Bowl XLII in Tampa.

John Norwig

Head Trainer

Pittsburgh Steelers
2006 & 2009 Super Bowl Champions
2011 Super Bowl Game
Pittsburgh Steelers

For over a decade, we have been using Big Fogg misting fans on our sidelines. We are happy and pleased to have purchased the new BIG Fogg professional sideline misting fans as they cool down the temperature to keep our athletes comfortable and avoid heat exhaustion. What’s even more important is that they have enhanced our player’s performance which gives us a competitive advantage. These news fans are easy to use, easy to transport and easy to maneuver. Big Fogg helps us take care of our team.

Brad Mellon

Cleveland Browns

Head Trainer