Air in Motion: Choosing an Industrial Ventilation Fan

Ventilation systems are essential sources of clean air in the workplace and are especially critical to plants, factories, warehouses and other industrial facilities. Not only do these units provide massive air movement, but they can also serve as a source of industrial cooling.

To help your business provide the air circulation so important to the health of employees and customers alike, Big Fogg offers its BIGDOG industrial fan and ventilation system, which applies more than 45,000 cfm of power to the movement of air.

Powerful, Durable, Adjustable

At 72” in diameter, BIGDOG is a 3-Hp, belt-drive variable-speed circulation industrial fan fitted with six fully adjustable fiberglass air deflectors that allow the airstream to be directed wherever it is needed throughout your facility.

Because it operates at variable frequency – from 50 to 300 RPM – you can select the level of airflow best suited to the environmental conditions at hand.  At full power, the BIGDOG can provide air circulation and cooling for personnel and equipment across an area as large as 7,000 square feet.

Reduce Your Heating Costs 

The unit can also be operated at as an air destratification system, redistributing tapped hot air from the ceiling, a process that can significantly reduce your overall heating costs.

BIGDOG can be installed along ceilings or walls – and should be mounted at least 14 feet high for optimal air distribution – and four feet from the ceiling to maintain the right air supply.

Custom Installations Available

While BIGDOG is our flagship ventilation fan, Big Fogg also designs, sells and installs custom ventilation systems, industrial fans, cooling systems and evaporative coolers to meet virtually any commercial, industrial or residential need.

Check out our full product line at or give us a call at (951) 587-2460 for a free consultation.