During these hot summer months it is absolutely vital to keep your animals cool and safe from the heat. The combination of humidity and heat may not allow your horses, dogs or cattle to shed their extreme body heat. Big Fogg Misting Fans have been cooling the Ride-A-Thon event in Greenstone County since 2007. The Misting Systems and the Misting Fan keep the horses cool, refreshed, and protected from the excessive heat of September. Big Fogg sells, rents, design and installs a large variety of Misting Fans, Misting Systems and Industrial Fans to solve these outdoor cooling problems.

Big Fogg donated a Misting System to the “Animals Friends of the Valley” (formerly LEAF) and installed it to keep the animals cool and comfortable in the blistering heat. The misting system works wonderfully and it is helping save the animals lives. As Alissa Lewis, who is in charge of the facility expresses “Thank you for installing the Misting System just before the summer heat kicked in. Your misting system has saved the lives of many animals and is greatly appreciated by all of us here at the shelter”.

Please call the outdoor cooling at experts that can suggest, design or install a misting system, misting fan, evaporative cooling fan or industrial fan to keep your precious pets and animals cool and safe.