Hot summer months present challenges for aquariums that attract considerable crowds from day camps, families on vacation – and all who love the ocean world.

Unfortunately, during this hectic time of year high temperatures can lead to discomfort and safety issues for your aquarium’s sea life and visitors. To ensure that you provide the kind of cool, comfortable atmosphere needed to keep those shark tank fans coming back, consider installing misting systems and fans from Big Fogg.

Big Fogg offers a variety of outdoor cooling systems that can reduce ambient temperatures by as much as 25 degrees – without residual moisture.  Choose from our high-pressure misting systems, which come in different sizes and configurations – and can be easily installed along ceilings and walls to keep pathways clear.

Wall-mounted and portable misting fans are available from Big Fogg as well and can be placed throughout the property to provide spot relief from the heat wherever needed.

Big Fogg’s team of experts will design and install the optimum network of systems for your locale.  And because our misting systems and fans are both cost effective and easy to maintain, they deliver long-lasting performance, ensuring that your guests, sea life and animals will stay safe and cool for years to come.

“Thank you for installing the misting system just before the summer heat kicked in. Your misting system has saved the lives of many animals and is greatly appreciated by all of us here at the shelter.”

  • Alissa Lewis, Animal Friends of the Valley
    Wildomar, Calif.
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