Misting Fans: What Are the Industrial Applications for Misting Fans?

Misting fans are probably most known for being on the sidelines of NFL and NCAA football games. However, they have a lot more uses than just sideline misting. Misting fans have been set up for event cooling at rock and country music concerts, fair and festival, zoos, and theme parks, restaurants and resorts, and any other type of event that needs outdoor cooling and protection from the heat.

Recently there have been several industrial misting and industrial cooling application that has used misting fans. These applications include dust control misting, transformer cooling, odor control misting, factory cooling, humidity control misting, process cooling, and even greenhouse humidification systems.

Big Fogg has used the technology of high pressure misting delivering it through misting fans and misting systems at numerous factory and industrial cooling applications. Depending on the application misting experts can quote you a misting system that uses stainless steel misting line systems, misting fans, or both to solve your excessive heat in your industrial facility. Please review www.industrialcooling.org.

Sometimes an industrial cooling solution will only require the use of exhaust fans or high ventilation industrial fans. The new Big Dog Fans from Big Fogg are the best industrial fan in the marketplace for ventilation. Check out www.bigdogfans.com. For many industrial cooling applications attaching misting systems to these big fans is necessary to provide complete factory cooling, dust control, humidity control, or odor suppression.

Misting fans and misting systems have been installed in industrial environments across the country and have been proven effective in providing industrial cooling solutions throughout for manufacturing facilities. Misting fans and misting systems can provide industrial cooling, humidity control, and dust control, process cooling solutions for any factory, forging mill or warehouse.

Call an expert at Big Fogg at 888-853-1728 and their team engineering with design, build, and install a complete industrial cooling solution that includes either, high powered industrial ventilation fans and exhaust fans or misting fans and high pressure misting systems for your facility.