Misting Systems, Outdoor Cooling at Work or Play

The use of misting systems has grown exponentially over the last decade. Restaurants and resorts have been placing misting systems on their decks and patios to provide outdoor cooling for their patrons. The benefits of outdoor misting systems for restaurant owners are that it allows their customers to sit and enjoy the outdoor patio areas even in excessive heat. This allows for more tables to use at the restaurant or dining establishment, increasing by having serving more customers at one time. Restaurant misting works in either dry or humid areas by dropping the overall temperature by as much as 25 to 30 degrees.

See Big Fogg Misting Systems:

The best type of misting systems comes with a pressurized high-pressure misting pump operating at approximately 1000 psi. This high pressure misting system shrinks the size of the droplet of water by forcing pressurized water mist through an extremely small misting nozzle. The result is like a London Fog, where the water mist is already half evaporated as it leaves the nozzle. Then almost immediately, if the misting system is installed correctly, the droplet evaporates removing the heat from the air and providing outdoor cooling. Please review www.outdoorcooling.com for more information.

Another type of mist systems can be connected directly to your water hose and operate of the pressure of the outlet. These are called low-pressure misting operating less than 100 psi. Low-pressure misting systems are the least expensive but also the least effective type of misting. However, these misters meet the requirements of thousands of homeowners who are just looking for misting in their backyard, decks and patios for some comfort in the crazy heat and humidity of the summer months.

Big Fogg sells all the different types of misting systems to meet the needs of its customers. Its line of misters include low, mid and high pressure misting fans, professional sideline misting fans, misting trailers, misting umbrellas, inflatable misters, humidity control misting systems, dust control misting systems and misting tents. Ask a misting expert which products are best for you.