Atomization misting vs. electrostatic misting for disinfecting

In response to the global outbreak of coronavirus, the virus that causes COVID-19, thorough cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces has become an essential component of operating any facility responsibly. Environmentally friendly cleaning products and disinfectants kill viruses, bacteria and other germs on contact. But what’s the most efficient way for companies to use these products?

Many companies use electrostatic misting systems to kill germs like the coronavirus. These handheld machines spray disinfectant directly on surfaces in the form of a mist. As the cleaning solution leaves the sprayer, it receives an electric charge, which results in immediate coverage of the surface below. These electrostatic misting systems work well in smaller, well-contained environments, like nursing homes and doctor’s offices, where an individual can walk around with a sprayer connected to a tank of disinfectant and manually clean the complex.

The electrostatic mister can become burdensome when treating larger areas, where a team of personnel must use manual labor to disinfect the area. For example, at the end of a work shift in a large warehouse, the entire crew may be called on to walk around the large area to spray everything down. This method can be cumbersome, labor-intensive, and expensive to use. Many safety managers simply prefer to ‘push a button’ and have a disinfectant be released automatically to clean such a big space. 

This is where atomization misting may be a better option. High-pressure misting systems atomize the disinfectant throughout the facility by simply flipping a switch. A disinfectant misting system can be installed in any area, large or small. These systems are typically made up of a stainless-steel line system complete with extenders, and circulation fans (sometimes even misting fans), depending on the surface being disinfected. Installation of an atomized misting system for cleaning and disinfecting requires its own configuration of measurements, including the size of the nozzle and the height of installation, and scientifically combining the air aspiration of the fans with the distribution of the cleaner, as well as the right combination of disinfectant and water.

Atomized misting systems that use high-pressure misting pumps (1000 psi) produce very fine droplets of liquid. They will land on the surface and appear as a light film that can either be wiped off or left to evaporate on its own. Because they’ve been used for years as a means of odor & dust suppression, humidification & transformer cooling, and for general cooling of patrons, players, and employees at sporting events, atomized misting systems have a solid reputation.

The single greatest advantage of using an atomized misting system is that you can automate the sanitizing process in any facility from a building to a boat by simply setting up controls in different zones based on specific criteria. Or simply install an on/off switch, which will allow for the fastest and easiest automatic disinfecting of the facility. 

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