• Upstream and downstream sections available.
  • Test section shall be designed to perform aerosol test on hepa filters, and vapor test on carbon adsorbers.
  • The test section shall be able to perform the applicable acceptance or surveillance test as required per the intent of asme n510-1995 reaffirmed
  • Test section shall have injection pipes for injection of aerosol or vapor, and sample pipes to obtain representative sample concentrations upstream, when testing filters/adsorbers.
  • Housing shall be constructed from 11ga and 14ga t-304 stainless steel, t-316 stainless steel or alumunized material.
  • Pressure boundary to be 100% seal All other welds to be intermittent.
  • Unit tested per asme n510, 1989, 1995 reaffirmed to ±15″ w.g.
  • Maximum pressure drop through the test section shall be 0.25″ w.g. at 1,000 cfm.


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