What Benefits Do ‘Misting Systems’ Provide?

The definition of misting on the free online dictionary states: “A mass of fine droplets of water in the atmosphere near or in contact with earth”. Man has taken these fine droplets of water mist and has made them into a product that can be seen at sporting events, restaurant and resorts, fair and festivals and events across the world.

When you go to a theme park, there are misting machines everywhere. Patio misting at restaurant and resorts is common not only in Palm Spring and Phoenix but throughout the United States and the rest of the world is learning about misting. If you have gone to a sporting event like football, baseball or soccer in the last ten years you will see not only just misting systems for the onlookers but misting fans for actual athletics.

Christopher Miehl, President of Big Fogg, “when we first started placing misting fans on the sidelines of football games back in 1993, there almost nothing is done to cool the athletics besides dumping water onto a rag and placing it on their head. We had to educate every NFL and every NCAA about the benefits of misting their players on the sideline during the heat of the game. Since then we have worked with every NFL team and numerous Super Bowls and NCAA Championship Games because bottom line is that misting works. Misting fans and misting systems are the most effective manner to cool professional athletics.”

Misting can be facilitated in many different formats and in various price ranges. High-Pressure Misting is the most effective and if you see a misting fan on an NFL or NCAA sideline it is almost always a high pressure misting fan. That is because it drops the temperature by the evaporation of the misting into air reducing the ambient air temperature. In contrast, a non-pressurized misting system will drop the temperature by the mist water hitting and then evaporating.

The 21st century has seen great advancements in technology include the technology of misting and cooling. Water mist can be used for many applications. Check out the website www.mistingsystem.net for more information. As the world becomes warmer, misting will become even become more important providing cooling and safety for people around the world.