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The BIGDOG Fan from Big Fogg provides massive air-movement to provide the most industrial cooling for plants, factories and facilities. Unlike high volume & low speed industrial fans that can move a lot of air BUT ‘very slowly’. These slow paced industrial fans like Big Ass Fans just don’t provide enough industrial cooling. The BIGDOG Industrial Fan & ventilator from Big Fogg moves massive amounts of air with over 45,000 cfm of power. The BIGDOG from Big Fogg delivers high speed air movement for efficient and effective factory personnel, equipment or plant cooling. The BIGDOG from Big Fogg can be adjusted for different level of speed and thereby slowed down for different industrial cooling applications.

For instance in the winter months the BIGDOG from Big Fogg will move less air more slowly for winter de-stratification, the process of releasing trapped hot air that has risen to the ceiling of the industrial facility. Winter de-stratification can save the industrial facility significantly on their heating bill. Call the industrial cooling experts at Big Fogg to get a free quote on just how much money you would save by installing the BIGDOG from Big Fogg.

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