Temecula, CA (June 6, 2008) – Big Fogg™, Inc, a leading provider of misting technology and systems, will provide cooling climate control comfort for thousands of show goers at the 25th Annual Balloon and Wine Festival in Temecula’s wine country. Show goers are invited to visit the Big Fogg misting tent and trailer throughout the event to get out of the sun and keep cool. Additional misting fans will also be stationed in the VIP section, the band area, the Vendor Booth area as well as inside the Wilson Creek Winery tasting booth.

“The Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival is the Temecula Valley’s biggest event of the year. With thousands off people coming from all walks of life, Big Fogg is committed to keeping everyone comfortable,” said Chris Miehl, president, Big Fogg. “With temperatures expected to rise this weekend, we are sure our misting systems will be a huge hit.” 

Big Fogg’s misting system technology disperses a cool mist without leaving you and your clothes wet. More importantly, the Big Fogg systems can lower body temperatures an average of 20-30 degrees (approximate). 

During the recent Paso Robles Wine Festival (May 2008), one of the largest wine celebrations in the nation, Big Fogg’s signature misting trailer was one of the most sought after cooling spots for festival-goers, as the temperature reached 110 degrees. 

About Big Fogg, Inc. With its global operations headquartered in Temecula , CA., Big Fogg is a leading supplier of premier misting systems and technologies. The company’s mission stations is to be the continue leading the misting industry as the premier cooling and heating systems purveyor in the nation. Big Fogg’s misting systems are used for sporting events, retail locations, large outdoor festivals and many more. Big Fogg’s success continues to grow in the Temecula Valley as the company was recognized by the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce, which honored it by nominating Big Fogg for the Medium-Sized Business of the Year. 

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