Big Fogg Misting Fans Received Acknowledgement from National Football League for Successful Pro Bowl, Super Bowl and Playoff Games in 2007

Big Fogg™ successfully provided its unique ‘Misting Fans’ at the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl and NFL Playoff Games in 2006 and early 2007. The National Football League acknowledged the reliability of Big Fogg’s equipment and the high level of service provided by its employees in the following April 2007 memorandum to the company: “On behalf of Commissioner Roger Goodell, as well as myself, I want to personally thank Big Fogg for your hard work and dedication in making the 2007 Pro Bowl such a success. As far as I am concerned, due to your dedication and work ethic, there were no problems the entire Pro Bowl week, including game day. Your work delighted not only several new executives, but also the Commissioner himself, as he mentioned to me how well everything was organized and running smoothly. 

That is a tribute to you and your organization and I made certain that I informed the Commissioner of your part in our success. Again, thanks for another great job, as always. Hope to talk to you soon.” Tim Davey, Director of Games Operations, National Football League.