Big Fogg Misting Systems Greets the start of the NFL season

Big Fogg Misting Systems
Press Release
August 5, 2003
Contact: Christopher Miehl

Big Fogg Misting Systems greets the start of the NFL season by providing its sideline cooling systems at (3) three games and (4) four sidelines for the opening preseason weekend. At this time, Big Fogg Misting Systems have been contracted to provided its sideline cooling “Misting Fans” at over 200 NFL and top NCAA games during the 2003 season.

For the second year in a row, the Indianapolis Colts have used Big Fogg Misting Fans to cool its players to beat the heat at its training camp in Indiana. Other teams that used Big Fogg Misting Fans to cool its players at its training camp include the Seattle Seahawks, Jacksonville Jaguars, Pittsburgh Steelers, Michigan State, BYU, Wisconsin, Iowa State, LSU, Utah, Ball State and the Detroit Lions.

Christopher Miehl, President & CEO of Big Fogg Misting Systems stated “I have been provided sideline cooling “Misting Fans” for NFL and NCAA football teams for the last ten years and this has to be hottest season on record”. 

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