Big Fogg Misting Systems were behind the bench for both national championship winners (USC & LSU) at the 2004 Rose & Sugar Bowl

BIG FOGG™ Misting Systems Misting Fans were behind the bench for both LSU & USC at their National Championship games at the 2004 Sugar & Rose Bowls. Big Fogg Misting Systems Misting Fan were also present for Clemson’s upset of Tennessee at the Peach Bowl in Atlanta on January 1, 2004.

The 2004 Rose & Sugar Bowl will mark the third consecutive year that Big Fogg Misting Systems Misting Fans was on the sideline for the National Championship game but the first time it was behind the bench for two winners.

As Dino Dennis, the head equipment manager for the National Championship USC football team stated “It (Big Fogg)Misting Fans rejuvenates the players and gives them an extra edge”. Scott Draper, “the Director of Football Operations” for USC’s 4th ranked Rose Bowl opponent the University of Michigan concurred “Big Fogg Misting Systems Misting Fan are the most effective way of reducing heat related problems and providing a competitive edge for your team over the competition”.

Jeff Boss, the legendary equipment manager for the LSU Tigers, passed away before the end of the season. His players honored Boss by placing his initials on their helmets and uniforms. The team also dedicated their National Championship season to his memory. Boss, a long time supporter of Big Fogg Misting Systems, said before his passing “The major concern for player safety is reducing heat related problems and Big Fogg Misting Systems Misting Fans solve those problems. Their system is superior to any other system I have used in the past, because it is more functional, effective and reliable. It keeps my players refreshed and safe without getting them wet. For me, it is the safest and most convenient solution to heat related problems.” 

Christopher Miehl, President and CEO of Big Fogg Misting Systems, said “Big Fogg Misting Systems were proud to be working for LSU, USC and Michigan at this year’s two National Championship games to help alleviate the heat related concerns of these teams. It was a rare circumstance we will not likely see again. We hope to be there for many years to come, helping teams solve their heat safety concerns with our unique Misting Fans as they pursue their future championship goals”. 

Many professional and college teams advocate the importance of Big Fogg Misting Systems Misting Fans to their programs. During the 2003 NFL and NCAA season, Big Fogg Misting Systems set up its sideline cooling and heating equipment at over 250 games. BigFogg had season long contracts with many teams, including USC, LSU, Miami and Florida State. Our record of service and success is reflected in the continued success of our clients. Without a doubt, Big Fogg Misting Systems provides the predominate misting systems for both NFL and top NCAA college teams. Big Fogg Misting Systems continues to dominate the NFL and top NCAA college football markets. This is the year to join the 2004 National Champions and make your purchase of BIG FOGG MISTING SYSTEMS!