Big Fogg Press Release

Austin Texas has been experiencing record heat in 2011, with daily temperatures recently averaging over 100 degrees. Big Fogg™ became aware of a unique high school in the Austin area whose student body was different that the other schools in that state. Every student who attends it is deaf. Even with this handicap, the school has a football team. The players use hand signals for their plays and to communicate. The team is known for both its talent and toughness. As with most people in Austin this summer, the players were suffering from the excessive heat. Temperatures on the field during practices and games were very high. 

When Big Fogg heard about the football team at Texas School for the Deaf High School, they wanted to help. So Big Fogg donated eight (8) high pressure misting fans to help cool the players during games and practices for month of August. “Big Fogg a savior to our football program.” said Jim Johnston. “In this intense Texas heat, their fans have helped keep our players safe, while enhancing their performance by reducing their core temperatures.” 

This summer, Big Fogg has been has been used at several prominent events, including the PGA in Atlanta, the US Open in New York, Cross-Fit and well as at many music festivals. Over Labor Day weekend, Big Fogg will be setting up over 25 NCAA football sidelines across the country, including the Kick-Off Classic between #3 Oregon and #2 LSU at County Stadium in Dallas on September 3, 2011.