Big Fogg Provided its Sideline Heating Benches for the San Francisco 49ers Playoff Games against the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys on January 14th and 22nd, 2023.

San Francisco, CA: The National Football League has commissioned Big Fogg provided Big Fogg Heating Benches for the two NFL playoff games for the San Francisco 49ers during the 2023 playoffs. Big Fogg technicians set up its Heating Benches on both sidelines for the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys. The heating benches were used throughout the game and kept the players warm, comfortable, and safe on the sidelines during the NFL sideline games.

Since 2001 Big Fogg has worked (13) Super Bowl. (20) Pro Bowls and over (50) NFL playoff games providing, setting up and maintain its Misting Fans and or Heating Benches. Only once at Super Bowl XXXIX did Big Fogg supply both heating benches and misting fans on one sideline for the Philadelphia Eagles. Christopher Miehl concluded that “as a giant fan of football I was so fortunate to setup and work all the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl games and many NFL playoff games. I never was the type of CEO that just came by and stood by our equipment, took a photo, and left. I enjoyed the labor and getting my hands dirty and being there for the event.

That is the reason that I have worked over 700 hundred NFL and NCAA football games over my tenure.” Christopher worked his first Super Bowl while a “founder” of Cool Zone he set up Misting Fans in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl in 1994 for the Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys. Since Christopher is a native of Buffalo, New York he was thrilled to be on their sideline during the game that featured Michael Jackson at Half Time. Unfortunately for him the Buffalo Bills lost the game.


The 2022 season was a big year for Big Fogg it was selected by Major League Baseball to provide four of its High-Pressure Misting Inflatable Systems to for its annual All-Star Game held in Los Angeles.  Big Fogg provided its misting systems at the celebration of the track and field career of Allison Felix in Los Angeles. Big Fogg’s Misting Fans will be used for the 11th time at the US Tennis Open in Flushing, New York.


Big Fogg set-up four of its unique Big Fogg 15’ x 15’ 10’ Misting Inflatables Benches in Los Angeles for MLB at the 90th anniversary of the All-Star game played at Dodger stadium.  Big Fogg set up twelve of its Big Fogg High-Pressure Satellite Misting Systems at Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day at the US Open from August 22nd through Saturday evening on August 27. This is the 11th time that Big Fogg is helping to cool patrons at the US Tennis Open in Flushing, New York..


Big Fogg frequently secures misting or heating business at other high-profile events, including the X-Games, NCAA Football Championship Games, minor league baseball games, the Special Olympics, and the PGA Championships. Big Fogg also provided its portable 6-fan Misting Trailer for the filming Netflix Production LLC-of Rebel Moon a new TV show. Big Fogg provided a Misting Fan of the Longhorns mascot “Bevo” at the Cotton Bowl, as we set up Misting Fans for Texas. At the opening of the new Snap Dragon stadium in San Diego, on a hot 105 degree day,


Big Fogg provided three 15’ x 15’ Inflatable Misting on the concourse area and we provided our portable misting fans with tanks for the San Diego Padres in their dugout area.

Big Fogg also provided its misting fans at multiple local events, most recently the Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival in 2022. Big Fogg’s High-Pressure Misting Systems are used at numerous restaurant chains and industrial plants across Southern California and nationwide.

For more information on Big Fogg Misting Systems, please contact Big Fogg at its California headquarters at calling 951-587-2460 or in Austin, TX at 512-568-1705 or in Tulsa, OK at 951-401-5935 or at 904-571-9290 for the Jacksonville, FL office. Its website is

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Big Fogg provides misting fans and heating benches that keep players comfortable year-round. Join the winning team for your next misting rental or purchase. “At business, home or event, we cool you down without getting you wet!”