Big Fogg | Turn Up the Heat | February 2021

The chill is in the air, and all throughout the month of February Big Fogg is featuring heating equipment, both portable and installed. With evening and night temperatures dipping into the low 40’s or even into the 30’s, now’s the time to turn up the heat!

In addition to radiant or mushroom type heaters, Big Fogg is able to heat outdoor tent installations extremely well.  Using equipment that keeps football players warm and comfortable on the sidelines, this application is perfect for outdoor tents or pop-up structures.

Big Fogg rents, sells and installs outdoor heating systems. Heating solutions that can be mobilized quickly in California, Florida and Texas.  Special pricing is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  For more information, to reserve your portable heating solution, or to inquire about permanent heating installations call (888) 853-1728  

Misting Systems On-Sale Now!

Big Fogg Winter pricing specials are available on all outdoor misting solutions.  Although there is a chill in the air now, outdoor misting systems, both permanent installations and rentals, are on sale to help beat the heat. Purchase now and schedule installation the by April 1, 2021. When spring and summer arrive, your system will be ready to go, and by planning ahead you’ve saved money! To learn more, visit

Tune it up before you turn it on!

Misting systems need maintenance twice a year. You’ve invested in the best misting equipment available, so it makes sense to protect your investment. Big Fogg’s Annual Misting System Maintenance Program includes the following:

  • Twice-a-year, onsite Visit and Inspection
  • System Assessments
  • Winterization
  • If Necessary, Change-Out Broken or Clogged Nozzles
  • Change Pump Oil
  • Perform Pump Maintenance
  • Flush the System

Schedule your installation today, visit