Cannabis growers need to precisely control humidity levels within the environment to preserve their plants and protect them from pests.  This is especially important during propagation and harvesting processes.  To achieve just the right humidity levels, Big Fogg offers high-pressure misting systems equipped with moisture sensors that control humity across your entire greenhouse, all from one central location.

These computer-driven misting systems control the humidity in the air within 2% of the targeted levels, thereby ensuring the optimum environment for your plants.  Because our systems can be installed in zones throughout your operation, you can custom control each area of your facility to ensure optimum results overall.

Big Fogg humidification systems operate at 1000 PSI to produce an ultra-fine mist that cools the air up to 25 degrees as well.  Our stainless steel systems are easy to maintain and offer the consistent performance and lasting durability you need to ensure a quality cannabis product with every harvest.

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