Cannabis growers must meet high environmental standards to keep their plants and personnel healthy.  High-pressure misting systems and fans from Big Fogg are ideally suited to aide in the challenges this burgeoning industry faces.

From environmental cooling to odor control and humidification, our systems are flexible, durable and scalable, and can be custom configured to meet your business needs.

Start with a high-pressure misting system that is installed along your ceiling to keep heat, odors and humidity under control.  Augment this system with wall-mounted and portable misting fans for an added layer of spot temperature control as needed.

Our high-pressure misting systems and misting fans operate at a pressure of 1,000 PSI, which allows them to generate the 3-5 micron-size droplets needed to achieve up to a 25-degree temperature reduction.  As a result, they keep your greenhouse cool and comfortable under even the hottest grow lights.

Big Fogg misting systems can be customized to control odors and humidification as well, important factors in the success of your cannabis business.

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