Are you looking for overhead misting fan that cools you down without getting you wet??? Big Fogg carries a complete collection of Centramist Overhead Misting Fan that provides the solution to your outdoor heating issues. Big Fogg has been using Misting Fans at Sporting Events, at Commercial Misting Installations and at Residential Applications for over 20 years. Our new Centramist product is easily installed provides comfort to the outdoors and even can cool some and can meet even some indoor cooling opportunities.

The Centramist provides a significant decline in outdoor temperatures by providing even and distributed patio misting. They are engineered for overhead cooling satisfaction and unlike traditional overhead fan that only move ‘hot air’ these overhead misting fans circulate cool refreshing misted air around your home, restaurant or facility.

The Centramist Shrouded Misting Fans features a complete 360-degree misting pattern that cools up to 500 square feet. The Misting Fan contains a powerful fan operating at 10,000 CFM that shoots the misting in multiple directions. You can even use the centrifugal fan head and its rotating aluminum impeller air to provide cooling without using the misting system function.

Big Fogg provides a high-pressure pump with its overhead misting fan that operates at 1000 psi. It allows for flash evaporation of the misting and can cool down the area by as much as 30 degrees without wetness. In addition, it is available in a ceiling mount or free standing tower option that can be inserted through an umbrella hole in outdoor table.

Call Big Fogg today to discuss with a misting expert how this high pressure overhead misting fan can be the cooling solution to your high temperature issues.