Big Fogg™ is a name that is recognized by almost everyone that has seen a college or NFL football game over the past ten years. The founder, president and CEO of the Big Fogg Inc. is Christopher Miehl. Big Fogg is acknowledged as a premier provider of climate control systems. Its products are specifically designed to assure its clients that their outdoor events are comfortable and protected from the heat or cold. They also provide solutions for high or low temperature conditions for industrial facilities at both indoor and outdoor locations. To provide for the various needs of our clients, Big Fogg designs, engineers, manufactures and installs a wide range of its products. These products include Misting Fans, Misting Tents, Misting Trailers, Inflatable Misters, High Pressure Restaurant & Resort Misting Systems and Heating Benches.

In addition to college football and the NFL, Big Fogg’s list of prestigious clients also includes MLB, the Olympics, the World Cup, NHL, the PGA and Motor Sports. Christopher said “Big Fogg has been selected to provide climate control equipment for the athletes and performers at many esteemed events. They include the sidelines of 10 Super Bowl games, 12 Pro Bowl games in Hawaii, the World Cup Championship game between Brazil & Italy and behind the stage at Woodstock 99. I take pride in knowing our equipment made these events more comfortable for the participants.”

However, the achievement that Christopher is most proud is his building Big Fogg by himself from the ground up with no outside capital or partners. He started Big Fogg in 1999 after the company he helped cofound became insolvent soon after the control of that company, Cool Zone, was basically taken over by venture capitalists. Bankruptcy resulted in legal action between management and the employees. Christopher soon decided it was best for him to leave the organization. Out of his one-bedroom apartment in San Clemente, he started

Big Fogg was initially a website company that serviced Christopher’s contacts in NCAA football and the NFL. He reminisces about those days: “Back in 2000, I called my contacts in the NFL and NCAA and booked games for the season, without owning any misting fans. I knew we would find a way to pull it off”. In 2001, Christopher had booked its busiest football weekend of the year in the middle of September only to have all the games cancelled and expected revenue lost after the tragedy of 9/11. However, soon afterwards, Big Fogg was requested to bring its unused misting fans stored at Syracuse and Rutgers to Ground Zero. They were used to cool down the overloaded transformers as they restored electrical power to New York City.

Christopher says that taking action this was typical of how Big Fogg has operated from the beginning. “Whatever it takes, we work to get the job done, be resourceful and make no excuses”. Since then there have been many incidents when Big Fogg was called upon by some of its clients with extremely difficult demands. In 2009, a few days before Super Bowl in Tampa, the NFL called Big Fogg to provide it cooling products at the event. The equipment was in storage in Temecula. To service its client’s needs, Big Fogg’s personnel drove that equipment 50 straight hours across country and it was there in time to be used for the game. In January 2011, the NFL wanted twelve Heating benches at the NFC Championship Game in Chicago. Equipment was shipped from all over the country by its crews through bad weather and blizzards so it would arrive on time for that game. Big Fogg is headquartered in Temecula, CA with offices in Jacksonville, FL and soon in Austin, Texas. In 2010, Big Fogg was honored to be awarded Business of the Year by both Temecula and Murrieta.

It has been a long and enjoyable journey for Christopher since receiving his MBA from San Diego State in 1985. He feels lucky and proud to be a member of the community. He is also happy to be doing work that he truly loves. But then again, Christopher does not consider it work, because he is having so much fun. He takes so much pleasure from the career that he invented that he has no intention of ever retiring.