Disinfectant Misting Products

Big Fogg designs, builds and installs professional high-pressure misting/fogging delivery systems. We utilize a variety of methodologies to deliver this mist including stainless steel, nylon line and copper. Our high-pressure pump operates at 1000 psi and pushes water and any other product through small orifices that turn the mist into fog and allow for flash evaporation. This way we avoid wetness.

We can set up these systems throughout the plant using sensors and timers for automated mist distribution. We have extensive experience at keeping humidity levels at prescribed levels: misting on and off at specific times.

Big Fogg uses chemical injectors in our delivery systems and distributes spray at specific nozzle locations. We apply diluted product per manufactures specifications.

Big Fogg installs overhead systems throughout the country. We can also provide Misting Fans that can be used as portable units to disinfect specific areas. The choice of disinfection product is up to the customer.  Big Fogg works closely with suppliers that have an FDA approved product.

Big Fogg Products for Disinfectant Misting:

  1. High-Pressure Stainless-Steel Misting Systems deliver the chemical substance at 1000 psi. from the pump through the nozzles. The high-pressure misting line consists of 316 stainless steel, with stainless steel fitting and unions. The nozzles can have an orifice size between .008 and .020 depending on the application and are stainless steel with anti-drip bodies.

    These Misting Systems can be installed over head in factory-like environment and be completely automated by for times or specific conditions.
  2. High-Pressure Nylon or Copper Misting Systems operate the same as the high-pressure stainless-steel misting systems except the delivery product is either nylon or copper. They also operate at 1000 psi creating atomization as high pressure substance/water is pushed through orifices to create a flash evaporation.
    These Misting Systems can be installed over head from in a factory like environment and be completely automated by zones to turn on at specific times or at specific conditions.
  3. Big Fogg High Pressure Misting Fans can hooked directly up to a water/substance supply system that pushes the substance though the stainless steel nozzles.
    These misting the operate at 1000 psi and push the product through nozzle orifices to create a flash evaporation.
    These Misting Fans can either be portable like you see on the sideline of a football game or they can be Wall Mounted or overhead misting fans.
  4. Inflatable Misting Tunnels have misting nozzles strategically placed throughout their interior, applying product with the goal everyone that walks through them. These inflatables are connected to a high-pressure pump operating at 1000 psi and can be hooked to an injector that feeds the high-pressure pump.
  5. Misting Stations can be placed at any entrance to any activity. They have spray nozzles placed inside them and turn on and off by sensors. These misting stations are connected to a high-pressure pump operating at 1000 psi and can have an injector if necessary.
  6. Big Fogg High-Pressure Pumps have direct-drive misting pumps.  These pumps provide high-output mist for continuous operations at a variety of applications including an event, restaurant or odor and dust control. Big Fogg also has quiet pulley belt units work better in more confined spaces with less tolerance for noise.

These high-pressure pump units have UL recognized components, including a safety switch for automatic power-down when water supply is low. Both unit types also have thermal and short circuit protection to prevent electrical overload.

Big Fogg high pressure pumps come in a variety of electrical configurations from the 115v single phase to 460v three phases with a relay and dual filter, prolonging the unit life. Generally used to separate mist zones, these pumps can slow down or speed up depending on the mist demand. These VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) pumps can be built with electric valves that enable them to be operated remotely. Depending on the application and location, high-pressure ball valves can also be used for creating manual zones.