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Dust Control Systems

Company Overview

  • Premium manufacturer of complete dust control systems for over 15 years.
  • Partner of choice for Fortune 1000 companies, Professional and Major University Programs, National Utilities, and every branch of the US Military.
  • All design, engineering, manufacturing and installation work done in-house by highly-experienced team.
  • Unique experience in designing and manufacturing unique, custom, and special use systems.
  • Conservatively managed company with stable growth to ensure that system can be maintained and supported in the future.

Systems Overview

  • All systems powered by high-pressure engines which fully atomize water and leave no moisture or wetness.
  • All systems built with premium, industrial grade components, solid metal frames and supports (which are anodized and powder-coated), and the very best motors, pumps, and parts available in the industry.
  • Big Fogg can do the installation, or can ship to the customer a fully assembled system, easy to install, inexpensive to operate, and backed by the best customer service and warranties in the industry.
  • Many of our systems have been in constant use – without need for repair – for more than 10 years, which is why we have more repeat business than any other manufacturer.

Big Fogg Process

Big Fogg’s experienced team of engineers, production staff, and in-field installers provide an end-to-end solution that sets the industry standard.

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  • Big Fogg performs an on-site review of the facility and designs the most cost-effective system.
  • Big Fogg builds the system at it’s own factory, using only industrial-grade parts and materials.
  • Big Fogg’s experienced field team installs the system and runs it through a comprehensive quality test.
  • Big Fogg will return annually to test the system and replace any parts as needed.

Dust Control Key #1 – Effective Coverage

Effective dust control requires enough nozzles and sufficient power to fully cover the target  area .  .  .

.  .  . and that requires an accurate calculation of the number, concentration, angle, and configuration  of the nozzles and fogging line.


All Products Made in the USA

Dust Control Key #1 – Effective Coverage
Dust Control Key #2 – Powerful Pump Modules

Dust Control Key #2 – Powerful Pump Modules

Effective dust control requires a pump module reliable enough to run continuously with minimal supervision .  .  .

.  .  .  which requires not only industrial grade components, but also internal safety protections.

Dust Control Key #3 – Reliable Fog

Effective dust control requires also requires a constant and reliable fog that traps dust without leaving wetness .  .  .

.  .  .  which requires industrial -grade, stainless steel nozzles on properly made installed lines.

Dust Control Key #3 – Reliable Fog

Engineering and Design Expertise

Big Fogg designs the most effective and most cost-efficient system for each customer based on the specific needs of the location.

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