Big Fogg is proud to to showcase our line of Evaporative Cooling Products: The PROKOOL & The WAYCOOL EVAPORATIVE COOLING UNITS.

Both of these units have 21st century technology that allows them to be used in all climates from the dry heat of Arizona to the high humidy regions such as Baton Rouge. In high humid environments the humidity level in the early morning maybe over 90 percent but as the temperature rises the heat burns the humidity out of the air.

How to Choose between a PROKOOL and a WAYCOOL. Both units were developed for different applications. The PROKOOL unit was developed to dispense cold air over a large area. The WAYCOOL was developed covered a smaller more compact area but very effectively.

Big Fogg both sells and rents the evaporative cooling and products. Please call the outdoor cooling experts at Big Fogg for suggestions and alternatives for which evaporative cooling fan works best for you.

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