Everyone Is Talking About Misting Systems: What to Know

Misting systems and misting fans are growing in popularity as consumers and businesses alike discover the benefits of outdoor cooling.  

Because misting systems and fans come in a variety of sizes, materials and configurations, there is a solution out there for everyone.  Prices run the gamut – from less than $100 for a DIY backyard misting kit to well into the thousands for a permanent commercial installation of significant scale and complexity.  As you review all the options, consider the following:

How much pressure should be in a misting system?

It depends on both the use case at hand and the environmental conditions.  To get the full benefit of the technology, choose a high-pressure misting system or misting fan that operates at a pressure of 1,000 PSI.  These units generate the 3-5 micron-size droplets required to achieve the targeted 25-degree temperature reduction – without any residual moisture.

For customers on a tighter budget, mid-pressure misting systems that operate at 300 PSI may be the optimal choice.  The mist dispersed by these systems will not evaporate as quickly as that of a high-pressure system.  However, in desert climates and other dry locales, the moisture released is likely minimal, if noticeable at all.

Many homeowners that use our products opt for a simple low-pressure misting system that operates off a standard garden hose.  This can be a sufficient solution as well, particularly in dry locales.  Our low-pressure misting system kits are compact, portable, and easy to install along the edges of awnings, patio umbrellas and other backyard shade structures.

How do you install a high-pressure misting system?

For more complex misting systems, Big Fogg offers installation services via our own technicians, as well as through our network of contracted installers nationwide.  However, in many cases, buyers can easily install the systems themselves with a little guidance from us.  

Misting lines can be secured to the ceilings and walls of your building or shade structure.  Access to electricity and a water source is required.  

Does a high-pressure misting system work in high humidity?

For installations in humid climates, wall-mounted fans and portable misting systems are best.  The fans in these units aide in the evaporation process to keep the surrounding environment both cool and dry.  

How much water do misting systems use?

It can vary widely depending on the size of the misting system or fan and the size of the droplets dispersed.  Big Fogg outdoor cooling solutions use far less water than an average air conditioning unit. High-pressure misting systems and fans uses the least amount of water. 

How do you clean the misting system?

Because you are putting water through the misting system, its nozzles can become clogged with hard water deposits.  Calcium removers can be used to clean the nozzles – or you can soak them in vinegar to remove the buildup.  Nozzles will also need to be replaced occasionally to ensure top performance over time.  

How do you build your own misting system?

Fortunately, you don’t have to if you rely on an industry leader like Big Fogg.  We bring more than 20 years of experience to the design and construction of your misting system and have delivered quality solutions for some of the world’s biggest names in sports, entertainment, hospitality, and industry.  

Our expert technicians can help you select the best components for your budget and application, including either nylon or stainless-steel misting lines.  We’ll also determine the precise number and position of misting nozzles to give you the maximum cooling effects in all the right areas.

To learn more about Big Fogg outdoor cooling solutions, visit our website or call us anytime at (951) 587-2460 to schedule a free consultation.