Explosion-Proof Misting Fans Ensure Workplace Safety

Explosion-proof misting fans – or hazardous location fans and blowers – are vitally important to safeguarding hazardous environments where ignitable fumes, gases and dust are present.

Businesses that rely on the technology range from chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers to oil companies and others involved in dangerous industrial processes. For these companies, explosion-proof fans minimize the risk of gas or dust ignition, keeping personnel safe throughout their time on the job.


Class I Division I Fans from Big Fogg

Big Fogg has extensive experience constructing explosion-proof misting fans for industrial applications.  Our units utilize all explosion-proof electrical components that are rated Class I Division 1, including explosion-proof pumps and motors.  Spark-resistant plastic blades maintain airflow, while fully adjustable 12-nozzle rings deliver cool mist in three zones for optimum cooling effects.  Our fans are also constructed of all-aluminum parts that will not rust when exposed to hazardous elements.


Delivering Results for Global Oil Company

Recently, Big Fogg designed and installed explosion-proof misting fans for a global oil company to help cool its personnel working on the oil drilling rigs.  Located in hot and humid environments, the rigs presented a particularly complex set of challenges because of the gas vapors they emitted. Custom equipment was needed that complied with the rigorous safety standards of both Class I, Divisions 1 and 2 and Class II, Divisions 1 and 2 environments.

Big Fogg stepped up to the challenge accordingly, delivering powerful 30” explosion-proof misting fans to the company’s rigs located across the Gulf of Mexico.  According to the client, Colby Colias, the small footprint and portability of the Big Fogg fans made them ideally suited for the company’s oil drilling rigs.  Big Fogg was also selected for its vast experience in outdoor cooling and high service levels so critical when workers are dealing with such hazardous conditions.

“Big Fogg high-pressure explosion-proof misting fans are very effective in cooling down our workers on those rigs,” said Colias. “Not only is the performance of their explosion-proof misting fans excellent, but their customer service is outstanding. I would recommend Big Fogg explosion-proof misting fans for any facility or company that needs outdoor cooling in a Class 1 Division 1 environment.

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