Industries with potentially hazardous envisronments such as checmical, pharmaceuticals, and various industrial processes have Systems specialize in custom Explosion Proof Fans that are specifically constructed to minimize the risk of gas or dust ignition.

Big Fogg’s Explosion Proof Fan’s are constructed for prevention of spark or flame propagation in an industry’s surrounding atmosphere.

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Keeping Industrial and Their Worker’s Safe with Explosion Proof Misting Fan

Explosion Proof Misting Fan utilizes all explosion-proof electrical components that are rated Class I Division I including a Class I Division explosion-proof pump, and a Class I Division I explosion-proof motor. Big Fogg’s Explosion Proof Misting Fan is equipped with plastic blades for spark resistant construction, and a 12 nozzle ring with 3 misting zones, for convenient and easy adjustment for optimal misting effect. The Explosion Proof Fan is made from durable all-aluminum that will not rust when exposed to hazardous elements.



As a large oil exploration company, we have oil drilling rigs located throughout the world. In many cases, our rigs are located in areas that are very hot and humid. It is important for us to provide relief for our workers from these extremely hot temperatures.

This process of providing relief is complicated by the fact that gas vapors are flammable. As a result, the equipment required must comply with safety regulations for both Class 1, Divisions 1 & 2 and Class II, Divisions 1 & 2 environments.

Big Fogg built the required Class 1 Division 1 Misting Fan units for our rigs used in the Gulf of Mexico. Each misting fan incorporates a powerful 30” fan head, a stainless steel body coupled with an enclosed high-pressure pump which operates at 1000 psi.

The fact that the Big Fogg Explosion Proof Misting Fan takes a much smaller footprint than competitors and is more durable and “portable” was a major consideration when I made my final choice.

Big Fogg High-Pressure Explosion Proof Misting Fans are very effective in cooling down our workers on those rigs. Not only is the performance of their Explosion Proof Misting Fans excellent, but their customer service is outstanding. I would recommend Big Fogg Explosion Proof Misting Fans for any facility or Company that needs outdoor cooling in a Class 1 Division 1 environment.


Colby Calais
Statoil Rig Planner
Maersk Developer