Misting Fan Products

Concerts, Festivals & Events

Big Fogg installs custom designed high pressure Misting Systems engineered specifically to help your patrons cool down on the hottest of days (over 30 degree temperature change).

Sponsorship Activations & Corporate Gatherings

Want your company to be a big hit at this year’s sponsorship events? Call us now to speak with one of our event specialists about how we can help.

Misting Trailers, Tents & Rentals

Big Fogg has many Misting solutions to turn your VIP areas, outdoor cabanas and entertainment areas into a relaxing paradise. We rent Misting trailers, inflatables, tents, portable misting fans and more for any sized event.

 High-pressure pumps, industrial motors, and premium impeller-driven nozzles ensure total evaporation with no wetness


Fans that Produce Cool Misting Breeze.


One of the first misting companies on the market, Big Fogg has set the standard for excellence, garnering a prestigious reputation with the NFL, NCAA, resorts, entertainment venues, music festivals and other reputable local and national businesses.

Big Fogg custom designs, engineers and installs high-pressure and mid-pressure misting systems for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial misting applications.

State Licensed, strict adherence to OSHA standards, attention to detail, quality and convenience are what makes BIG FOGG the choice for a variety of events including the Super Bowl, Pro Bowls, NCAA National Championship games, PGA tours, motorsport races, outdoor events and simple backyard fun.