Big Fogg Misting Systems offers a variety of Greenhouse Misting Systems and Misting Fans for corporate greenhouses. Greenhouse Misting Systems have become a necessary tool for effective greenhouse maintenance. Big Fogg Misting Systems has a proven track record of providing favorable, consistent condition all year long. Big Fogg Misting Systems Greenhouse systems curb plant diseases; reduce plant stress, and increase growth rates.

Most greenhouse growers face a continual battle with low humidity and high temperatures. Greenhouse plants can be seriously damaged if the humidity drops below 30 percent; the growing process may even slow to a halt. A Big Fogg Greenhouse Misting System provides high-pressure mist then “flash evaporates” to cool and humidify without noticeable wetness. Temperatures may be reduced by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity levels can be maintained near 90 percent.

Greenhouse plants adsorb carbon dioxide and other substances from the air while allowing moisture to escape. An ideal environment that encourages healthy plant growth can be maintained through the use of Big Fogg Greenhouse Misting Systems. Another alternative is to introduce fertilizers through the Big Fogg greenhouse Misting systems which will be absorbed by the leaves of the plants. Big Fogg’s Greenhouse Misting systems are superiorly designed allowing for consistent, efficient delivery of chemicals as needed.

Benefits of using Big Fogg Greenhouse Misting systems are healthy plants, improved propagation and germination processes, reduced energy costs and a more consistently cool environment than conventional fan systems can provide. Even in dry, arid climates Big Fogg Greenhouse Misting systems will achieve favorable results all year long.

Let Big Fogg Misting Systems custom design a Greenhouse Misting System that will help you produce beautiful plants with ease and convenience. Please call Big Fogg Misting Systems for a custom quote.

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