Heating Benches

Big Fogg’s heating benches have been trusted by sports teams including UCLA bruins, Ohio State Buckeyes and Stanford Cardinals! Trust Big Fogg to bring better heat benching to every game!

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Some NFL teams have trusted Big Fogg to bring better heat benching to every game! Our heating benches feature:

  • Streamlined ergonomic design for player comfort proven effective and compatible with NFL or NCAA standards
  • Durable Fiberglass ensures rapid warm up
  • Heated foot deck vents upward, keeping players feet warm in coldest conditions – deck heat rising under a sideline parka warms a player’s entire body in frigid temperatures
  • Foot deck extends easily from inside the bench; specialized bevel-edge design and skid-resistant surface add safety to the convenience
  • Each 12-feet long bench easily accommodates six to eight players
  • Hot Helmet Heaters provide constant warm airflow inside each helmet, to safely keep pads soft and reduce moisture buildup
  • State of the Art design plus reliable technical support
  • Heated by clean burning natural gas or propane – no kerosene or fuel oil
  • Retractable wheels option affords enhanced maneuverability
  • Portable for easy storage off-season
  • Team colors and badging available

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