High-Pressure Misting: An Economical, Sustainable Approach to Process Cooling

Many industrial companies rely on process cooling systems to protect both their capital equipment and product lines from the extreme heat generated by manufacturing processes.

Not only do process cooling systems prevent damage to mission-critical machinery, but they also aid in expediting production by allowing materials to reliably pass through manufacturing processes at a faster rate.

One of the most effective ways to reduce heat and humidity in plant operations is to employ high-pressure misting systems and fans.  These tools of productivity are comprised of durable, stainless steel misting lines and high-pressure nozzles that work together to disperse an ultra-fine mist at 1,000 PSI pressure.  The microscopic water droplets generated by these systems evaporate immediately via the flash evaporation process – reducing temperatures in surrounding areas by up to 25 degrees without emitting any noticeable moisture.

Big Fogg Process Cooling Systems

Big Fogg offers a full line of high-pressure misting systems and fans that can be custom configured and installed to meet the unique needs of your manufacturing operation.  Misting systems can be run along ceilings and walls to cool your equipment without taking up valuable floor space, and portable misting fans can be placed strategically through your facility to provide additional spot cooling where needed.

Today’s manufacturing operations face the pressures of a hyper-competitive economy in which getting products to market quickly is critical, promoting sustainability is a regulatory mandate, and minimizing costs is the key to survival.

Big Fogg high-pressure misting systems and fans deliver the results you need on all three fronts.  Engineered to reduce both energy and water consumption, our misting systems and fans are economical to operate and environmentally friendly.  Their rugged durability ensures the reliable performance you need to keep manufacturing processes running smoothly and to ensure both the consistent quality and timely delivery of your products.

Because Big Fogg misting systems are modular by design, they can be installed anywhere in your facility to keep your personnel cool and comfortable as well, for a work environment that promotes safety, productivity, and job satisfaction.

For more information on Big Fogg process cooling systems, visit us online or call us anytime at (951) 587-2460 to consult with a process cooling specialist.