Big Fogg’s Do-It-Yourself High Pressure Professional Misting System system allows you to customize the misting system to fit your application. This misting system is perfect for backyard misting, restaurant misting, commercial structure misting and even boat misting that contain their own water supply.


Available in the following Configurations:

  • 50’ Manifold Misting Tube, 10 Misting Nozzles $1999
  • 100’ Manifold Misting Tube, 25 Misting Nozzles $2275
  • 150’ Manifold Misting Tube, 50 Misting Nozzles $3050
  • 200’ Manifold Misting Tube. 75 Misting Nozzles $3620
  • 250’ Manifold Misting Tube, 100 Misting Nozzles $4350
  • 300’ Manifold Misting Tube, 130 Misting Nozzle $4975

Misting fitting and misting nozzles may be added or removed as you like.

Big Fogg Misting System’s modular High-Pressure Misting System comes in self install kits varying in sizes between 10 and 130 atomizing nozzles. The high-pressure misting pump pumps ordinary water at 800-1000 PSI pressure through a misting manifold tube, where it is released through highly specialized low flow atomization misting nozzles to form a misting effect of 20 micron sized droplets that evaporate completely in the air without causing any wetting or dripping.

No tools are required for assembly, simply cut the manifold misting tube to required length and “press-on” fittings are used to install the nozzles. The misting nozzle layout can be decided can be decided and adjusted during the installation. An exact design is not necessary; the misting system includes enough misting nozzles and misting fittings to install the misting system several different ways. If you have any questions, please call Big Fogg Misting Systems for more information.