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Since football was first played in college in 1869, extremes in temperatures on the sidelines at various times of the year have always been a concern. It wasn’t until the onset of the misting fan that the heat problem was solved as with the introduction of the heating bench in the 2000s. Big Fogg has continued to make improvements to its products to address extreme temperature conditions on the sidelines since then.

Big Fogg Inc. is now a leader in the misting system/fan industry. Its products are used nationwide to solve heat, cold, and dust issues.

Big Fogg was founded on January 1, 2000, and incorporated in September of that year. Big Fogg is now based in Temecula, California, and has offices in Jacksonville, Florida, Austin, Texas, and Columbus, Ohio.

Big Fogg custom designs, engineers, assembles and installs high-pressure misting systems, cooling fans for a variety of commercial, industrial misting, and sports applications. The company is also is a specialty contractor in California. Over the years, it has earned an outstanding reputation in the industry due to its outstanding customer service and excellent installation capabilities

Christopher Miehl, president of Big Fogg. began his career in the misting system industry in 1993. He co-founded Cool Zone USA in San Diego. Before the founding of Big Fogg, he helped develop unique misting systems that were patented by the company. They were the first to place the High-Pressure Misting Fan on the football sideline with USC in 1993. Now a quarter-century later every NFL and major NCAA uses some type of cooling and heating on their sidelines. Thus, Big Fogg was there was the sideline cooling and heating marketplace started and today either team uses Big Fogg cooling and/or heating systems or competitive products that can later. Visit Action AC for more information. .
Cool Zone introduced its patented Misting Inflatables, Misting Tubes, and Misting Tents are numerous events including being used by Budweiser at USA World Cup and by Coca-Cola at the 1996 Olympics. In addition, Big Fogg High-Pressure Hard-Structure Misting Systems were built for Coca-Cola at all the Six Flags Theme Parks throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Coca-Cola also purchased multiple misting inflatables, tents, and fans throughout the world.

Big Fogg - Sports Misting & Heating Systems:

  • Football:

Big Fogg has had a significant presence at professional and college games for decades:

  1. a) Its misting Fans were used at the last seven Super Bowls (2001-2018) and either its misting fans or heating systems were used at a total of 12 Super Bowl Games.
  2. b) Big Fogg Sideline Cooling and Heating Systems have been on multiple AFC and NFC Championship sidelines and at the last 20 Pro Bowls in Hawaii and
  3. c) The company has had Big Fogg Misting Fans, Pro Cool Units, Heating Benches and/or Radiant Heaters on the sidelines of over 2,500 NFL and NCAA        games for almost the last 20 years.
  4. d) Developed and implemented VIP Seats cooling solutions for NFL stadiums.
  5. e) Coordination the logistics and successful implementation of over 30 NFL and NCAA sideline cooling and heating systems across the country on numerous weekends in September (Misting Fans) and November (Heating Benches).


  • Baseball:

Big Fogg has worked with multiple major league baseball teams supplying its Misting Fans:

  1. a) The New York Yankees, Los Angeles Angels, Detroit Tigers, Cincinnati Reds, and the Boston Red Sox are a few of those teams
  2. b) During the 2009 season, Big Fogg had an agreement with the Los Angeles Dodgers and its misting fans are visible in their dugout for every Dodger  home games
  3. c) Big Fogg Misting Fans were in the dugouts of the NCAA Baseball Champions Tournament games.


  • Auto Racing

Big Fogg has provided its Misting Systems and Radiant Heaters for the Daytona 500, Atlanta Speedway, Sprint All Star Race, Coca Cola 600, Coke Zero 400, Laguna Seca Motorcycle Race, Auto Club California Speedway, and Dover International Speedway in Utah


  • Other Sports:
  1. a) Big Fogg set up 150 Misting Fans at the Players Championship at Sawgrass PGA Golf Tournament held in Pointe Verde, Florida. In addition, Big Fogg has set up Misting Fans at numerous PGA Tournaments including one located in California and North Carolina.
  2. b) Big Fogg’s Heating Benches were used by NHL hockey and NCAA Hockey for two games played outside at Fenway Park.

c)Big Fogg has participated in numerous sporting events across the country and around the world including; All Star Men & Women Rugby Championships, Major League Soccer-USA, World Cup, Lance Armstrong Race Team, US Open, PGA , X-Games, Cross Fit, Nike 3on3, and Numerous Track & Field Events.


  • Outdoor Music and Entertainment Events:

: Big Fogg has set up misting and cooling equipment at numerous music and outdoor events such as Coachella and Electric Daisy Carnival.


Big Fogg Industrial Accomplishments
At Ground Zero after 9/11

After 9/11, Big Fogg Misting Fans were brought into Ground Zero to assist in bringing electrical back to Manhattan”. Misting Fans were setup to cool down the transformers as they had to be overloaded to get working again.

Dust Suppression

Big Fogg provides a complete line of design build dust suppression, odor control misting systems made for every application. Big Fogg high-pressure misting nozzles produce a fine mist that combines with dust particles that drop to the ground.

A/C Pre-Cooling Systems

Big Fogg provides pre-cooling systems for industrial, commercial and residential A/C units. Our Misting Systems are an energy saving device that can reduce electrical consumption and not damage the condenser coils.

Odor Suppression

Odor Control Misting systems use a special mist agent around rendering plants, distilleries and wastewater treatment facilities.

Department of Energy

Big Fogg provided the Hanford Site with Misting Fans to cool down their employees working in radioactive protective suits in the blistering heat.

Humidity Control

Big Fogg provides, sells and installs humidity control misting systems throughout North America. Big Fogg provides combination of VFD misting pumps and high-pressure misting systems that separate the plant into zones operated that the humidity levels is tracked by sensors. Once the humidity level goes below a certain designation the misters automatically turn on to raise the humidity in that specific region.

Evaporative Cooling

Mist cooling can provide a high-efficiency, energy saving alternative to traditional plant cooling processes.

Plant People Cooling

Big Fogg Systems can be designed for the cooling of Plant Employees allowing then to operate more efficiently and for longer periods of time. Big Fogg has assembled and installed multiple cooling solutions in plants and facilities across the country.

Ventilation Jobs

Big Fogg engineering can design Industrial Fan applications that use exhaust fans to remove warm air for area and replace with outside cooled air to reduce temperature and allow for more comfortable environment for workers.

Big Fogg Explosion Proof Misting Fans:

Big Fogg designed and sold a specialty 24” Oscillating Portable Class 1 Division 1 High-Pressure Explosion Proof Misting Fans.

Outdoor Cooling

Big Fogg has been the outdoor cooling company has been in the misting and cooling industry over 20 years like Big Fogg has. Started in 1999 in a one-bedroom apartment in San Diego, Big Fogg has grown to be an industry leader in outdoor cooling industry. After 22 years in business their resume includes design and installations of hundreds of high-pressure misting systems at restaurants, resorts, warehouses and industrial facilities. Big Fogg is the leader in the sports industry and for a fact the NFL has chosen Big Fogg to setup, maintain and operate its sideline heating and cooling systems at 12 Super Bowl games and 20 Pro Bowls Games. Choose Big Fogg for your all your outdoor cooling needs. They have the experience, reputation, product knowledge, track record, and customer service and product line to make you another satisfied customer. Big Fogg considers itself to be the premier outdoor cooling company in the industry. Bring us a outdoor cooling problem and Big Fogg will find an outdoor cooling solution. Please call the experts at Big Fogg and let us help you with our 20 plus year in the industry expertise to build, design and install your professional outdoor cooling misting system.

Big Fogg Restaurant & Resort Misting Accomplishments:

Big Fogg has designed and installed misting systems, fans and heaters at hundreds of restaurants, wineries and resorts throughout North America. Depending on the configuration, Big Fogg will provide a high-pressure misting system and fans that will keep customers cool and comfortable on the hottest days without getting them wet.


Big Fogg Military Misting Accomplishments:

Big Fogg has sold its extensive Misting Systems, Misting Fans & Evaporative Coolers to military installation around the globe. Included in these services are large procurements to the Green Zone in Iraq and multiple Misting Fan System to Guantanamo, Cuba. The Coast Guard has made repeated purchases of Big Fogg Misting Fans.


Big Fogg Residential Misting Accomplishments

Since its conception Big Fogg has sold, provided, installed, and designed thousands and thousands of residential misting systems. As the world grows hotter, the demand has increased for cooling systems, misting fans and systems for residential and commercial backyards and patios. Big Fogg offers home and enterprise owners a large variety of cooling options and solutions for relief from the heat.

Big Fogg Misting Rentals:

Every week during the summer season Big Fogg rents its High-Pressure Misting Fans, Misting Tents, Inflatable Misters, Misting Trailers, HandiMists, High-Pressure Misting Stands & Way-Cools and Evaporative Coolers various type of events, such as:
- Corporate Parties and Picnics

- Theme Parks like Disneyland & Sea World

- Movie & TV Shows like American Idol

- Political Gatherings like Republican Straw Vote Convention

- Democratic and Republican Conventions

- Movies Sets

- Las Vegas Big B-Day Party

Big Fogg Misting Systems & Solutions

- Harrah Casino’s Grand Opening

- Lucas Oil Motorsport Events

-Outdoor Concerts like Phish Concert or Woodstock

-Corporate Promotions like Jack-In-The-Box

-Big Fogg has been in a variety of including TV Commercials including Buffalo Wild Wings, ESPN NFL Kickoff, KFC, State Farm and Direct TV.

-Big Fogg has been favorably sited in many publications including the WSJ, LA Times, ESPN Magazine and Press Enterprise.
Big Fogg Misting Systems & Solutions

Big Fogg Misting System Charities Contributions:

Big Fogg is involved with helping communities and local charities. Due to the economic times, Big Fogg cannot contribute to ever charity event, or even most, but we do provide our services to multiple charity organization including the following:

  • KATRINA Relief in Louisiana & Texas
  • Family Relief Southern California Summer Fires
  • Make-A-Wish & Wishes for Children
  • Temecula Balloon & Wine Festival
  • Shiners Hospital
  • Heath Evans Foundation
  • E.R.O. Day in Atlanta
  • Special Olympics
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Ride-A-Thon & Friends of the Animals

Big Fogg has been awarded both the Temecula, CA and Murrieta, CA Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Awards.