How is Big Fogg, Inc. proactive in business activities, programs and legislation?

Christopher Miehl and Big Fogg are active supporters of local business, following the community motto of “Temecula First”. Chris works primarily with local businesses to hire his staff and workers and to also develop their necessary job skills.

The company warehouse in Temecula is a showcase for Big Fogg’s products. It is well organized and safe for employees and for drop-in visitors. However, with the substantial growth of company sales this year, safety concerns developed. To solve the problem, Big Fogg leased additional warehouse space to accommodate the additional inventory that was required for its line extensions and to provide additional working space. While the businesses of some local companies were shrinking in the area, Big Fogg was expanding. It hired 7 additional full-time technicians to meet demand.

Big Fogg, Inc. prides itself on the quality of its products. This is because its equipment is comprised of the best, most durable components in the industry – from the most reliable GFI outlets and electrical lines to the highest quality hosing available on the market.  The company makes certain that all of its equipment is safe for its users. This includes businesses, homeowners and the athletes on the field.

Big Fogg keeps its employee manual up to date and advises its staff on current and changed standards in California workplace compliance. Through these forums with its employees, more open communication is created in the workplace. With a greater understanding of the roles and responsibilities of company leadership and team members, Big Fogg anticipates continued success in the coming years.

Big Fogg also provides traditional and alternative health care reimbursements for any work-related issues that may occur. Big Fogg actively supports all legislation that enhances the business activity and job growth in the entire Temecula area.