How the Right Humidification System Preserves Product Quality

Many industrial worksites such as paper mills, wood manufacturing plants, textile factories, and barrel storage operations all require humification systems to protect their operations and products from the damaging effects of both moisture and dryness.

One of the most effective ways to control humidity in industrial settings is through high-pressure misting systems.

Equipped with stainless steel misting lines, these systems can be custom configured and installed to control humidity at a granular level throughout a plant or warehouse.  Each misting line supports an array of high-pressure nozzles that operate at 1,000 PSI to disperse ultra-fine mist into the air, thereby cooling and adding moisture to the environment.

Sensors equipped to the misting lines constantly monitor the levels of humidity in the air for each specific area or zone – and then activate the corresponding misting nozzles when humidity falls too low.  When humidity reaches the targeted levels in a zone, misting nozzles are programmed to automatically shut off, ensuring that humidity remains optimal for the site’s operational use throughout even the most expansive industrial space.

Big Fogg, the Name You Trust

Big Fogg humidification misting systems allow businesses to automatically control the humidity levels across an environment within 2% of the targeted levels.  With Big Fogg humidification misting systems,  each zone in your plant or warehouse can be monitored and controlled from one central location for maximum convenience and efficiency.

Implementing Big Fogg humidification systems is a relatively easy, straightforward process as well. Our designers and installers bring to every project more than 20 years of experience and have worked with many of the world’s largest organizations in the professional sports, entertainment, and industrial sectors.  Big Fogg humidification misting systems are easy to operate as well – and will deliver long-lasting performance when properly maintained.

Having the right humidification levels in your industrial site can make or break your business success.  By partnering with Big Fogg, you are assured of getting the quality product your business and product line deserves at a cost-effective price point that ensures ROI.

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