Keep Employees Safe on the Job with Our Industrial Cooling Systems

Anyone who has spent time in a hot, stuffy warehouse, meat processing plant or assembly line operation understands how hot and humid it can get, especially during the peak summer months. Excessive heat is not only uncomfortable for employees, but it can also be downright dangerous as extreme heat and humidity can lead to both dehydration and heat strokes.

To protect workers from excessive heat, 25 states have adopted OSHA-approved plans for compliance with and enforcement of heat illness prevention laws. According to, “Failure to comply with these regulations can result in a lawsuit if workers become injured as a result of heat illness.”

Responsible employers today are aligning their business practices with OSHA mandates and other regulations by taking the steps needed to ensure that their employees have a safe, comfortable work environment.  One of the most effective ways to achieve just that is to install an evaporative cooling system from Big Fogg.


Reduce Heat by Up to 30 Degrees

Big Fogg’s misting systems, misting fans and evaporative cooling systems have been tested in the most extreme temperatures and environments – and have consistently proven to cool the air by as much as 30 degrees.

While alternative industrial cooling systems simply release moisture into the air, Big Fogg’s high-pressure misting systems employ a flash evaporation process that keeps the air dry.

Here’s how it works: the misting system produces tiny water droplets that are pushed through high-pressure nozzles and introduced into the atmosphere. Once released into the air, this ultra-fine mist absorbs the heat and evaporates.  As a result, Big Fogg misting systems can effectively cool a designated work area – or entire warehouse – without generating residual moisture.

With the option to equip Big Fogg industrial misting systems and fans with temperature and humidity control sensors, the systems can be designed to meet a broad range of environmental requirements.


Save Warehouse Space

What makes Big Fogg industrial cooling systems even more attractive to businesses is that the systems are installed either overhead, via wall mounts, or a combination of both.  This means there is no need for your company to house a 30-foot air conditioning unit on the shop floor.

This modern approach to industrial cooling ensures that valuable warehouse and factory floor space is dedicated exclusively to the products and services that make your company successful.  Plus, misting systems and fans provide all the indoor cooling you need at a much lower cost than traditional air conditioning units.

“We offer more than 20 years of experience installing misting systems for the biggest names in sports, entertainment, hospitality and industry,” said Chris Miehl, president and CEO of Big Fogg, Inc.  “Our nationwide footprint ensures that your misting systems can be installed and serviced anywhere in the country as well.”

Check out Big Fogg industrial cooling systems and fans by visiting our website – or give us a call anytime at (951) 587-2460 to schedule a free consultation.