Longest Yard II

Longest Yard II starring Adam Sandler, Chris Rock & Burt Reynolds opening on May 27, 2005 

In the upcoming blockbuster movie “THE LONGEST YARD II”, Big Fogg Misting System’s unique HandiMist 10 Gallon Igloo Container Misting Fans will be shown on the sidelines at the big football game between the inmates and the guards. Last summer, Big Fogg Misting Systems provided (8) eight of its HandiMist Misting Fans units to the movie set of the Longest Yard II. These misters not only cooled down the film crews during the filming of the movie, but more importantly the Misting Fans were needed on the sidelines of that crucial game in the finale of Longest Yard II. 

Big Fogg Misting Systems is very pleased to be a part of the making of this movie. To honor the occasion, Big Fogg Misting Systems will offer a special promotional selling price on these HandiMist Misting 10 gallon igloo Misting Fan. Please contact Big Fogg Misting Systems at 888-853-1728 for more information.