Polyethylene misting fan rings connect directly to a standard water hose. You do not need a high pressure or mid pressure water supply to enjoy the resultant drop in ambient temperature of up to 25 degrees. The low-pressure misting rings are available for fans in just about all sizes. The low-pressure misting ring kits provide an easy and economical cooling solution for your outdoor environment.



① Only the pressure of  standard garden hose connection is required. No additional power is needed.

② Minimal water consumption, as low as 1.7 gallons per hour.

③ Equipment is energy efficient and has a low environmental impact.

④ Includes a 8 foot water supply line connection from ring to base.

⑤ Uses 1/4″ black polyethylene tubing for durability and resistance to cracking.

⑥ Has Low corrosion brass and stainless steel nozzles to atomize the water.

⑦ Has push-releasable nozzles and fittings for easy cleaning.


Made in the USA