Big Fogg offers a large selection of low-pressure misting systems that are designed to operate using only standard hose pressure. Since the droplets are not atomized, they are larger and take longer to evaporate. These low-pressure misting systems can be installed on any awning,  patio or deck. Even though these low-pressure misting systems have bigger droplets, they can still drop the temperature by much as 20 degrees.

Big Fogg sells high-quality low-pressure misting systems that are easy to install and easy to use. They produce outdoor cooling with a low amount of wetness. These low pressure systems have moist droplets, but will not get you “soaked”. A major advantage of low-pressure misting systems is they do not require a high pressure or a mid-pressure pump. You can set up your own misting system by providing only a standard water hose. No electricity is needed to operate these misting systems. For those reasons, the low-pressure misting systems are an extremely quiet unit.

Check out Big Fogg’s  complete line of low- pressure misting systems below and call an expert at Big Fogg at 951-587-2460. One of our technicians will help you decide which low-pressure misting system is best for you.