Big Fogg’s Line of Mid-Pressure Misting Systems and Misting fan can enhance any outdoor patio, backyard, sports field or arena. Big Fogg offers its two different levels of Mid-Pressure Misting Systems.

First it’s new Premium Misting Pressure line with Big Fogg’s new Premium Industrial-Grade Mid-Pressure Pump that operates at 300 PSI. Second, is the traditional Mid-Pressure Pump that operates at 160-180 PSI that is made for more residential or light commercial usage?

Either Misting System comes backed by Big Fogg’s solid reputation as the leader in the Misting Industry. Big Fogg offers the largest selection of mid-pressure systems and mid-pressure pumps in the marketplace. Our misting systems can be operated in stainless steel, nylon, or other delivery mist systems.

Also, Big Fogg has a large selection of mid-pressure misting fans and misting tents. Please call an outdoor cooling expert at Big Fogg so he can help you decide what is the best product for you.

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