Big Fogg Mid-Pressure Nylon Misting Systems are offered in a variety of sizes and configurations. Each misting system consists of a ten-foot misting line systems section, with corresponding number of nozzles. The nylon line is on a spool. The nylon misting system is a kit that consists of a mid-pressure misting pump (operating at 300 psi.), 3/8″ OD nylon misting line, nylon feed line, push lock fittings, nozzles, and clamps.

Configurations and prices:

30’ Nylon Line 15 Nozzles$899.00
40’ Nylon Line 20 Nozzles$955.00
50’ Nylon Lone 25 Nozzles$995.00
60’ Nylon Line 30 Nozzles$1,165.00
70 Nylon Line 35 Nozzles$1,199,00
80 Nylon Line 40 Nozzles$1,335.00
90 Nylon Line 45 Nozzles$1,425.00
100 Nylon Line 50 Nozzles$1,550.00
160 Nylon Line 80 Nozzles$2,225.00