Misting Nozzles

Please call the experts at Big Fogg Misting Systems so you can determine the optimum distribution of outdoor cooling emitting from the misting systems. Big Fogg carries a wide range of low, pressure and high-pressure stainless- steel nozzles, with anti-drips.
 Big Fogg also supplies Misting Nozzle Extenders that connect on to the end of the misting nozzle to the riser in the stainless-steel line. These misting extenders can go out 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches or to a custom size.

Big Fogg carries a wide range of high- pressure nozzles with orifice sizes going from the smallest orifice size at .006, the most popular sizes at .008 and .012 and larger sizes at .016 and .020 and even larger sizes if necessary.

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