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Big Fogg is the premier rental company for misting system and misting fan rentals in the United States. For two decades, we’ve built our reputation by renting high-quality misting fans, misting tents, misting trailers, inflatable misters and custom-built misting walls. Our professional and experienced technicians deliver and install misting systems at major sporting events, company picnics, concerts, music festivals, corporate events and other special gatherings across the county. Big Fogg misting fan rentals have cooled the sidelines at thousands of NFL and NCAA football games, including 12 super bowls, 20 pro bowls and eight NCAA national championship games.

Big Fogg Misting Fans have also been used worldwide at other sporting events, including the World Cup, the U.S. Open, the PGA Tour, MLB and NCAA baseball games, motor sport races, rugby matches, and track & field events. In addition, Big Fogg has rented misting fans and systems to state and county fairs, outdoor concerts and music festivals, including Coachella.

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Big Fogg rents misting fans, misting systems, inflatable misters, misting tents, misting trailers, evaporative coolers, and outdoor heaters for any occasion from big events, festivals, corporate parties, or any occasion where people meet and want to cool down from high temperatures. 

Below are some of the products that Big Fogg rents in and around California.  Please call to talk to a Misting Fan expert and check for availability for your event. 

Big Fogg Big Fogg Big Fogg

24” Blitz Misting Satellites

Cool Caddie

Misting Trailer


Handimist II

Handimist III

Inflatable Misters

Misting Station

Overhead Cooling Fans

24” High-Pressure Misting/Cooling Fan

Way Cool

Pro Kool

Torpedo Heaters

Electric Spot Heaters

Misting Tent

Dragon Seat Heating Benches

Zig Zag Misting System

Misting Wall

Big Fogg Special Effects Projects

Big Fogg Misting Tube

Torpedo Blowers

Overhead Cooling Fan

Heating Benches

Industrial Fans

Misting Fan Rental – Rent Outdoor Cooling Fans with Big Fogg

Established as the leading misting system and fan rental service in the United States, Big Fogg boasts an unmatched reputation that spans over two decades. Our commitment to excellence has not only allowed us to offer a diverse range of top-tier products but has also placed us at the heart of America’s most prestigious events.

Whether it’s a portable misting tent for a company picnic, a custom-built misting wall for a special music festival, or a high-performance misting fan for a corporate gathering, Big Fogg ensures that every event is cool and comfortable.


Our Misting Fan Rental Legacy in Events

The pedigree of our service is best illustrated by the illustrious events we’ve had the privilege of serving:

  • NFL & NCAA Football: Our misting systems have provided cooling relief on the sidelines of countless games, including 12 Super Bowls and 20 Pro Bowls. Furthermore, we’ve been a trusted partner for eight NCAA national championship games.
  • World Cup: Global events demand unmatched quality. Our misting fans stood tall, ensuring players and spectators alike experienced comfort during the intense competition.
  • Music Festivals: The iconic Coachella music festival is just one of many that have turned to Big Fogg to keep their massive crowds refreshed in the heat.

When it comes to providing ‘relief from the heat’, no event or party is too big or too small for Big Fogg misting fans and party rental fans. Our track record of cooling equipment rental speaks volumes, and we continue to set the standard in outdoor misting fans.

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Features of Our Outdoor Misting Fan Cooling Equipment Rentals

Versatility in Every Setting

Big Fogg’s misting fans seamlessly blend into both residential and commercial environments. Whether you’re planning an intimate backyard BBQ or gearing up for a grand corporate event, our fans are tailored to fit your needs. Their design and functionality ensure that everyone, from family members at home to clients in business settings, experiences the cooling relief they deserve.

Optimal Performance, Tailored to You

Every event is unique, and so should be your cooling solution. Big Fogg misting fans come with intuitive adjustments, enabling you to fine-tune their performance based on the specific requirements of your event. With easy-to-use settings, you can ensure consistent cooling throughout, making the environment pleasant for all attendees.

Beyond Just Cooling Events

While our misting fans are a favorite for events, their application extends beyond. They’re a perfect companion for outdoor break areas, helping employees rejuvenate during their downtime. Patios and open-air lounges come alive with our fans, ensuring guests can relax and socialize without the oppressive heat. From gatherings to casual outdoor spots, Big Fogg guarantees a cool experience.

Our Wide Range of Misting Fan Rentals

Misting Fans

Our flagship offerings, these fans are designed to deliver a refreshing mist that keeps spaces cool. Whether for personal use or grand events, Big Fogg’s misting fans stand as a testament to quality and performance.

Misting Systems

Customizable and scalable, our misting systems are perfect for venues of all sizes. Engineered to provide uniform cooling, they ensure every corner of your event remains pleasantly chill.

Inflatable Misters

Innovative and portable, our inflatable misters are perfect for on-the-go cooling. Whether it’s a pop-up stall or a mobile event, these misters are designed for easy setup and effective cooling.

Misting Tents

Combining shelter with cooling, our misting tents are the ideal solution for outdoor gatherings. From festivals to fairs, attendees can find respite from the sun and heat under these tents.

Misting Trailers

Large events demand extensive solutions. Our misting trailers provide widespread cooling, making them perfect for massive crowds or extensive outdoor venues.

Evaporative Coolers

Harnessing the natural cooling principle of evaporation, these coolers are both effective and environmentally friendly. Ideal for locations where water conservation is a priority.

Outdoor Heaters

Beyond just cooling, Big Fogg ensures comfort in colder seasons too. Our outdoor heaters provide the warmth needed for evening events or chilly days, ensuring your gathering remains cozy.

Ready to ensure comfort at your next event or location? Click below to call us and let’s get you set up with the best cooling and heating solutions.

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Why Choose Big Fogg Mist Fan Rental?

Industry-leading Technicians

At the heart of Big Fogg is a team of dedicated professionals. Our technicians are not only skilled but come with years of experience, ensuring that every setup is precise and optimal for your event’s needs.

Unwavering Quality and Reliability

When you choose Big Fogg, you’re investing in equipment that promises consistency. Engineered to the highest standards, our products deliver reliable performance, guaranteeing that your event remains cool and comfortable from start to finish.

Custom Solutions for Every Occasion

Every event is unique, and we recognize that. Big Fogg provides tailored cooling solutions, ensuring that whether it’s a small family gathering or a grand corporate event, your cooling needs are met with precision.

Value for Every Budget

Quality doesn’t always have to come at a premium. At Big Fogg, we believe in providing top-tier solutions that are also budget-friendly. With a range of options available, we ensure that every client finds a solution that aligns with their budget without compromising on performance.


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