Misting Fan Products

Over the past 20+ years, Big Fogg has built its reputation by continuing to probide its high quality qequipment at numerous and varied major sporting events. Big Fogg Misting Fans have cooled sidelines at thousands of NFL and NCAA football games, including 12 Super Bowls, 20 Pro Bowls and 8 NCAA National Championship Games.

Big Fogg Misting Fans have also been used worldwide at many other sporting events, including World Cup Soccer, Major League Baseball, Motor Sports, PGA Golf, Rugby, Track & field and NCAA Baseball Championship Series games, in addition, Big, Big Fogg has Supplied its Misting Fans at numerous fairs, festivals and outdoor concerts, including Woodstock 1999.


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Blitz 2400 series models are 24" tow-speed, oscillating, misting fans, available in two unit types. Pump Fans Units comtains high pressure mist. Satellite Fan Units(without Pumps) Connect to Pump Fan Units and help broaden the area of cooling, without the need to have pumps at every point. There is a limit on how many Satellite Fan Units may connect to a single Pump Fan Unit.


The cool Caddie Misting Fan is designed to be the best self-contained portablemisting system int he marketplace today for its size. it can cool down the ambient enviornment on even the hottest and most humid days of the season, sometimes by as much as 25 degrees F without wetness. It is quieter than astandard house box fan so you can easily stand next to it and carry on a conversation.


These single-speed, molded shroud non-oscillating 30" Wall Mounted Misting Fans cools 12,000 cubic feet of air per minute. 12nozzle units creat a damper cooling mist for areas that are arid, and are also able to turn off one or two rings for only 8 or 4 nozzles at any time. Comes with dual stainless steel rings of 8 nozzles.


The Handimist III is a self-contained power misting fan engineered with the most reliable components and materials available and is equipped with features to assure ease of mobility, use, and maintenance. the cool air you will enjoy when using the Handmist III misting fan is created through the process of flash evaporation. Heat is required to change water fromthe liquid to a gas or "water vapor".