Big Fogg Misting Fan Temecula Civic Duty

Big Fogg Misting Fans is an active member of both the Temecula and Murrieta Chambers. In fact Big Fogg Misting Systems has won “Business of the Year Award’ Temecula Business of the Year.

Big Fogg actively supports causes and activates in the Temecula area, but doesn’t track all his donations. During the summer, his phone rings off the hook not only for business but to help organizations in the Temecula area that cannot afford his services.

Below are five recommendations by leading members of the Temecula Community that describes Chris’ contributions, civic duties and community service.



First Testimonial:

This letter is to give Chris Miehl of Big Fogg of Temecula a much-deserved recommendation for “Citizen of the Year” award. Chris has been involved in and supported many of the Temecula Wine Country Charity concerts with Golden Crown Productions over the past years.  He is a large donor of both time, money and personal involvement to help make them all a huge success. He has donated thousands of dollars to a lot of the local charities in multiple ways by purchasing raffle tickets, buying both silent auction items and live auction items where 100% of the money goes directly to the local charities.   He also sponsors the events and buys VIP tables, so he can invite guests to attend and help support as well.  Chris has been helping now for over 5 years and is over do local acknowledgment …  


Gregg Hassler  | Owner

@Work Personnel Services



Second Testimonial:

December 15, 2017

I have had the pleasure of knowing Chris Miehl of Big Fogg Misting service for 8 years now.

There are many people in the community that give their time and money to help local nonprofits, and then there are people like Chris. Chris gives selflessly without expecting any recognition or acknowledgement.
I have requested several donations over the years to help various nonprofits and he has never said no.
One particular request was last year; a young boy at a local foster facility was rapidly losing his sight. His big wish was to go see the (Denver) Broncos play football, I knew they were coming to San Diego so I asked Chris if there was any way he could donate tickets. He did so immediately. This one instance truly changed a little boy’s life, I will never forget it.

We are truly fortunate to have Chris in our Temecula community.

Most sincerely,

Jackie Steed

Reliable Realty



Third Testimonial:

January 4, 2018

Dear Nominating Committee,

I am very excited to see such a worthy individual and business on the list this year.  Owner Chris Miehl and his company Big Fogg Inc are amazing examples of entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, passion, hard work and community pride.

Chris leads his team by his own example of compassion by donating his time, equipment and dollars towards local charitable organizations.  The one beautiful truth about this man is inability to say no to charities that need help.  He is always first to support it and he supports it in any way needed.  The organizations that I have been involved with have been the recipient of his kindness.

The culture that Chris has created within his organization is one of community first and client focused.  Big Fogg Inc is client focused because he understands his clients and demands 100% from his team when they are on the job.  He understands his client many times is on the national stage and they need to be well-supported. 

Lastly, Temecula community pride is how Chris makes many decisions about his business and his business relationships.  He feels that his vendors need to be local as much as possible. Primarily in the Temecula area and he truly operates this way.

These are just a few of the reasons why Chris Miehl and his company Big Fogg Inc deserve the Temecula citizen of the year award.

Respectfully yours,

Julie Ngo

State Farm Insurance

Julie Ngo Agency


Fourth Testimonial:

December 22, 2017

To whom it may concern:

I have known Chris Miehl for many years. I have worked alongside of him on community service programs.  Chris is kind and generous at all times. We have been members of the Temecula Noon Rotary Club together.  We also worked together as volunteers/sponsors of the Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival.

Chris is very proud of the city of Temecula and he represents it honorably as he travels the country with his company.

I would like to give my recommendation for Chris for Temecula, Citizen of the Year.


Sue Kelley

Keller Williams Realty



Chris takes serious his commitment to his Temecula civic duties and strongly supports community service. His relationship with the Temecula community will continue on for many years to come as he projects a very successful future for his and his company’s home town.