Misting Fans Explained

Everything you want to know about Misting Fans

Benefits of Misting Fans

There are many benefits to using a misting fan. Additionally, different types of misting fans are available for a variety of spaces and uses. Typically, misting fans are used outdoors in the hot temperatures to cool down people at events or games or on patios at restaurants, resorts and in backyards.  Misting fans can also be used indoors for industrial facilities where there are hot mechanicals or machinery and workplaces need to be cooled down for the comfort of employees. 

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Misting Fans? 

Outdoor misting fans offer many benefits, especially in hot and dry climates. Misting fans create a cooling effect by spraying a fine mist of water into the air. They cool down people and pets, as well as provide moisture to plants during the hot days.  Misting fans are often more energy efficient than traditional air conditioning systems and are environmentally friendly. 

  • Efficient Cooling in High Temperatures
    • Misting fans significantly reduce ambient temperatures by dispersing a fine mist that evaporates almost instantly. This process, known as flash evaporation, can cool an area by several degrees, making even the hottest days more bearable.
  • Energy and Cost Savings
    • Compared to traditional air conditioning systems, misting fans consume a fraction of the energy. This translates to significant savings on electricity bills, especially during peak summer months when cooling systems run continuously.
  • Heat Stress Prevention
    • Outdoor misting fans can help prevent heat-related illnesses like heat exhaustion and heat stroke by reducing the heat index in the area. They are particularly valuable when used at outdoor events, sports venues, and construction sites.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Misting fans utilize pure water without the need for any chemicals or refrigerants. Their operation doesn’t release harmful substances into the environment, making them a green choice for cooling.
  • Enhances Air Quality
    • The fine mist released by these fans can trap airborne dust and pollen particles, resulting in cleaner and fresher air. This is particularly beneficial for areas with high pollution or during seasons with high pollen counts.
  • Versatility and Portability
    • Whether you’re hosting an outdoor event, running a workshop, or simply relaxing on your patio, misting fans can be easily moved and positioned to suit various scenarios. Their adaptability ensures effective cooling wherever needed.
  • Mosquito and Insect Repellent
    • The mist from these fans can help deter mosquitoes and other flying insects. Some misting systems use insect-repelling solutions in the water to enhance this effect.


Misting Fans Explained

What types of Misting Fans are there? 

There is a wide variety of misting fans that can provide comfort for different outdoor areas. Misting fans can be portable or wall-mounted. They can be smaller or larger depending on the space that is being cooled down. Some provide more strength like high-pressure misting fans for big events with lots of people. 

  • High-Pressure Misting Fans:
    • Renowned for their performance on the sidelines of major sporting events like the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, and more, our high-pressure misting fans operate efficiently between 800 PSI to 1200 PSI. The Blitz Sideline and Satellite models, in particular, are favorites among our commercial and industrial clientele. Emitting ultra-fine mist droplets, they ensure rapid cooling without dampening surfaces, ensuring athletes and spectators stay cool and comfortable.
    • Experience the cooling solution trusted by major sporting events! Browse our range of high-pressure misting fans.
  • Wall-Mounted Misting Fans:
    • Our wall-mounted fans, available in 18”, 24”, and 30” models, are perfect for patios and outdoor cooling areas. Complete with installation components like a wall mount bracket and a fitting for the misting pump, our fans offer configurations with either molded or plastic shrouds. The 18″ and 24″ variants boast five high-pressure nozzles integrated seamlessly into the fan’s grill, while the 30″ model accommodates 8 to 12 nozzle misting rings. With both single and two-stage misting configurations available, our wall-mounted fans cater to diverse outdoor cooling requirements.
    • Action: Transform your outdoor spaces with our specialized cooling solutions. Explore our wall-mounted misting fans collection.
  • Oscillating Misting Fans:
    • These fans have the ability to rotate or oscillate, covering a broader area with their mist. Excellent for spaces where consistent air movement and wider coverage are needed.
  • Sports Misting Fans:
    • Built to withstand various environmental elements, sports misting fans are perfect for sidelines at any game where the athletes need to be cooled down.
  • Portable Misting Fans:
    • Compact and mobile, these fans are great for on-the-go cooling, whether it’s a picnic, beach trip, camping adventure or any outdoor excursion.

What are Features of Portable Misting Fans?

Durable Design: Every Big Fogg misting fan is constructed with resilience in mind. Regardless of varying environmental conditions – be it intense sunlight or heavy rainfall – our fans are built to last, providing consistent cooling performance season after season.

  • Variable Speed Settings:
    • Personalize your cooling experience. Big Fogg’s misting fans come equipped with adjustable speed settings, allowing users to fine-tune airflow and mist levels to their exact preference.
  • Easy Maintenance:
    • Our fans are not only efficient but also designed for convenience. The easy-to-clean structure ensures that regular upkeep is hassle-free, helping to extend the fan’s lifespan and maintain its peak performance.
  • Safety Features:
    • At Big Fogg, user safety is paramount. Our misting fans incorporate multiple safety mechanisms, ensuring risk-free operation and peace of mind every time they’re in use.
  • Quiet Operation:
    • Experience effective cooling without the disturbance of loud noises. Big Fogg misting fans operate silently, ensuring a calm and comfortable environment, whether you’re trying to hold a conversation, relax, or focus on work.

Portable Misting fan


Common Questions about Misting Fans


Do outdoor misting fans work? 

Yes, misting fans can work really well to cool down areas in the hot weather.  Misting fans combine the functions of a traditional fan and a misting system. They operate by dispersing water droplets into a fine mist, which is then blown out by the fan. As these water droplets evaporate, they absorb heat from the surrounding environment, leading to a drop in ambient temperature.

What does a mist fan do?

A mist fan provides cooling by releasing a fine mist into the air. As the mist evaporates, it reduces the surrounding temperature, offering a cooling effect to the immediate environment. It’s especially effective in dry climates where the evaporation process is quicker.

Does a mist fan work like air conditioning?

No, a mist fan and an air conditioner operate on different principles. An air conditioner cools the air by removing moisture and heat, recirculating the cooled air back into the room. A misting fan, on the other hand, cools by introducing moisture (in the form of a fine mist) and relies on the evaporation process for cooling. They’re best suited for outdoor or open-air settings.

Is air conditioning or a misting fan better?

Both air conditioning and mist fans have their advantages. Air conditioners are more suited for indoor environments, especially in dry regions, as they add moisture to the air while cooling. Misting fans are generally more versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor misting fans come in a variety of sizes and types depending on the space needed to be cooled.

Can a mist fan work without water?

Yes, a misting fan can function without water but only as a regular fan. The misting feature requires water to produce the cooling mist, but if there’s no water, the fan will only circulate air without the added cooling benefit of the mist.

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