Bring the Benefits of Outdoor Cooling to Your Next Campaign Event

With 2020 political campaigning moving into high gear, rallies, events and fundraisers are beginning to pop up all over the nation. And they will continue to draw crowds throughout the hot summer months.

To ensure a pleasant experience for everyone involved, Big Fogg is ready to assist with misting fan, misting tent and misting inflatable rentals that will keep your constituents cool and comfortable anywhere nationwide, in even the hottest, most humid climates.

Recently, Big Fogg answered the call when representatives from a major political campaign requested 25 misting fans, inflatables and tents for an upcoming event.

“We had just 36 hours to get the misting systems in place for them, and the event was located six hours from our closest office,” said Christopher Miehl, president and CEO of Big Fogg, Inc.

Working Around the Clock for Clients

Sam Gibson, lead technician at Big Fogg’s Austin, Texas office, was tasked with fulfilling the order.  He immediately rented a 26-foot Penske truck and pulled his team together to test all the equipment and get it loaded. Late in the evening the next day, Big Fogg technicians embarked on the long journey to the campaign event, arriving in the early morning hours, ready to install.

As with many large public events, exactly where to place the misting fans, tents and inflatables was unspecified by the organizers at first.  Big Fogg worked with the clients to situate the equipment optimally and to procure the water sources and generators needed to get the misting systems up and running.

“Event goers were surprised and delighted to see all the misting systems set up, and they thoroughly enjoyed the chance to cool off as they waited,” said Miehl.  “Big Fogg won their votes!”

Have a campaign event coming up?  Visit Big Fogg online or call us at 951-587-2460 to see how we can help.